Monday, July 4, 2022

‘Government blundered in derecognising Kgafela’ – Molomo

A political veteran and former Speaker of the National Assembly has strongly condemned government’s action to derecognise the Paramount Chief of Bakgatla, Kgafela Kgafela, recently.

On the other hand, some Kgatleng councilors want the council to take a firm stand over the issue.

Speaking to Telegraph this week, Ray Molomo said, “I strongly condemn the stand that the government took over the paramount chief of Bakgatla”.

He said the government made a big blunder to derecognise him before they could consult “morafe” tribe.

“If they want morafe to listen to them first the government should reverse its decision thereafter they can now address a kgotla meeting,” said Molomo.

He added that the most fundamental thing that the government should have done before taking such a big step is to consult with morafe.

He further said if the government cannot reverse their decision this will make Bakgatla more united than before.

“Although I do not condone what is being done by the paramount chief, I think things will be dealt with by Morafe separately,” he added.

However, two councilors, Mpho Morolong and Gerald Bodika, were expected to table a motion during a special council meeting that was held yesterday (Tuesday).

“We have a crisis in Kgatleng and council is obligated to have a firm stand on the matter,” the two said.

They added that they wanted the council to be neutral in the matter “so that it can call both the government and the tribal leaders to sit around the table and resolve their differences amicably”.
They said they do not need to lobby for the motion to pass through because the writing is on the wall.

They pointed out that sometime in June this year, a motion was tabled that both warring parties should meet and the motion was adopted by the council “but since then there was no action plan till today when the situation has taken another twist”.

Kgatleng council chairman, Steven Makhura, said, “Full council meeting will be held on the 21st of this month; maybe the council will discuss the matter but I cannot speak on their behalf.”

He said currently he does not know what motions will be brought before the council meeting which starts in the coming few days.


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