Friday, September 30, 2022

‘I was not pardoned, I won the appeal,’ says Kgosi Linchwe

Kgosi Segale Lenchwe of Bakgatla says he was not pardoned by president Ian Khama Seretse Khama.

This comes after he was reinstated last week by the ministry of Local Government after being suspended from office for about two years.

Speaking to The Telegraph this week, Kgosi Segale said he wanted to put the record straight.

“I want put the record straight that I was never pardoned by President Khama to be reinstated.”

He said that there are rumors that are flying around that he was pardoned by the president which he described as “blue lies”.
He has also added that he has never written any letter to the president asking for pardon.

He explained he was acquitted by the High Court of Appeal last October.

After winning the appeal, his lawyer Dick Bayford wrote a letter to the ministry notifying them of the decision by the Court of Appeal.

“On the following day I personally went to the ministry and delivered the letter,” he said.

 He stated that he waited for the response from the ministry which came last week Monday informing him that he should go back to work immediately.

“I was very happy to receive such good news as I wanted to serve my people.”

He further stated that he reported to work last week Tuesday.

He says he feels welcome by colleagues.

He said he has informed the deputy paramount chief of Bakgatla Kgosi Sakai as well other senior royal leaders about his reinstatement.

“I was suspended from duty on the 11th of July 2011 and it was very difficult for me even though I received my full salary.”
He says during that time he has learnt a lot.

“One thing that hurt me a lot was the way in which photographers treated us while in court as they will wait for that sad moment and the flash lights will be all over you. That can be provocative.” ┬á

When contacted for comment the acting director of Tribal Administration Tumelo Seboko said Segale was not pardon but was acquitted by the Court of Appeal.

“There was therefore no need for any pardon from the president.”

Dick Bayford briefly also said he never wrote to the president seeking pardon on behalf of his client. Instead the letter was written to the Ministry of Local Government about his acquittal.


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