Monday, May 20, 2024

‘Inept’ Cabinet draws Khama’s ire

President Ian Khama is not happy with the performance of his ministers, a Cabinet insider has confided to The Telegraph.

In a Cabinet meeting on Monday, an irate Khama is said to have berated his ministers, fuming at what he saw as low levels of productivity and performance by them.

A source said as Khama’s tenure draws to a close he has become abnormally conscious of the enormous difficulties that the country and government face.

In the same vein, the President is also doubtful if he has around him a competent team that can resolve what many now think are insurmountable problems especially the economy, education and unemployment.

“He has become irascible. He gets annoyed very easily. You can see the discomfort of his ministers when they are in his presence,” said someone who has observed the President at close range but who is not authorised to speak on record.

The poor performance of ministers that is of concern to Khama has not gone unnoticed outside Cabinet.

Last week the Leader of Opposition Duma Boko took a swipe at Cabinet ministers for lethargic output.

“Ministers take accolades that funds and developments are a favour to the public. They forget that this is part of their job ÔÇô a job that they are doing very badly at any rate,” said Boko.


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