Thursday, February 29, 2024

‘No plans to change Lobatse stadium colours ÔÇô Kgathi’

The Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture will not change the existing seat colours at Lobatse Sports complex as such an exercise will prove costly.

The Minister of Youth Sport and Culture, Shaw Kgathi, is also aware that only the VIP seats and the retractable entrance tunnel at Lobatse Sports complex bear national colours.

Kgathi was answering a question recently in Parliamant. Some Members of Parliament even associate the recent unimpressive performance of the national team to the colours, most of which do not bear any resemblance to national flag colours worn by the players.

The rest of the seats are orange, yellow, green and grey respectable. Kgathi says the latter colours were used deliberately by designers at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology to honuor companies which have been supporting football in this country such as Orange Botswana, Mascom Wireless and BeMobile.

“I am also aware that orange, yellow, green and grey colours used may be similar to the national colours of other countries such as Togo and Ethiopia,” he said.

“However, I have no immediate plans of changing them because that exercise would come at a huge cost.”

He added: “There are more than 19 000 seats with such colours and I can only consider changing them after the expiry of 10 years warranty when the seats will be due for replacement.”

Lobatse Member of Parliament Nehemiah Modubule is convinced the colours played a part in the loss as the branding colours looked more skewed towards the visiting teams than the national team. He wanted to know if there are plans to change them.


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