Wednesday, July 6, 2022

‘No plots certificates yet ‘- Land board

Residents of Bodibane farming area near Gabane have been advised that they would not get certificates for their ‘mekgoro’ (shelters built in or near ploughing fields) plots until their fields have been taken over by government.

The advice was made by the Mogoditshane Sub-Land Board Chairperson, Joseph Mmoloke.

He said this during a special Kgotla meeting called by the area Councillor, Ofentse Mareme, last week. The meeting brought together stakeholders – including farmers, to discuss burning issues concerning land allocation, water reticulation and crime prevention in that area that has become a settlement.

Mmoloke’s advice followed queries raised by the residents after a Water Utilities Corporation officer, Gilbert Tawana, told them the requirements for them to access water from the public stand pipes. The stand pipes are expected to be connected in the area end of May. He told them that the stand pipes would be accessed through prepaid system.

“This system will be accessed by only those with registered plots with certificates and having Omangs. As for those whose plots allocations are still being processed by the Land Board, arrangements can be made with the board. You have to register by filling forms. First, the prepaid cards will be given freely. If you lose the card you pay P40. Should a consumer be found to be using excessive water, enquiries will be made to establish cause. Should it be found that there is no valued reason then such consumer’s supply will be limited to standard consumption,” said Tawana.

Prior to his presentation, Councillor Mareme had pointed out in his opening remarks that the area was included in the 2013/14 lay out map. Unfortunately, due to global economic meltdown the project was one of those that had to be shelved owing to financial constraints. A temporary measure would be applied in the connection of public stand pipes.

A resident, Motlagomang Bodibane, expressed disappointment over the fact that the water supply they have been waiting for is now going to elude most of them. Most have not yet been given certificates for their mekgoro.

This, therefore, means they were going to ask for water from the very few that will have cards. Before the system was introduced, she observed there were signs of unfairness already.

Another resident, Salang Marope, asked where the pipes would be allocated since the settlement population is scattered. This would lead to them hiring donkey carts which will lead to excessive fetching of water.

Responding to their queries, Tawana said what he told them was the procedure for utilising the system; which the Corporation is installing all over the country. He said the allocation sites for the standpipes would be decided by the leadership.

Giving the reasons for unavailability of certificates, Mmoloke said the area is considered farming area until at such time when the fields have been taken over and farmers compensated and the ‘mekgoro’ surveyed accordingly. He further advised residents that Land board is in the process of re-registering plots.

This refers to all land use-fields, residential plots, business plots, and others. People should not be afraid to register all their plots, irrespective of number – both registered and unregistered, as long as they have been acquired legally.
The exercise is done by six teams.

Bodibane Ward residents can register either at Mogoditshane kgotla or at the Sub land board office.


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