Sunday, March 3, 2024

‘Operation Gwilila’ does not end with promotion ÔÇô TAFIC boss

TAFIC Football Club administrators will have neither rest nor time to enjoy the team’s promotion to the Botswana Premier League (BPL).

While Botswana’s second city is awash with excitement, the team’s administrators are back to work today (Wednesday) to kick-start the team’s preparation for the rigours of the Premier League.

Following the success of their “Operation Gwilila,” loosely translated “return”, TAFIC are now embarking on a new operation to stay in the league.

The plan, according to team chairman Thomas Maika, is to see the side not only survive but also compete effectively in the elite league.

“While we are happy with the return of the team, we are aware that preparations have to start now even before the local football season comes to an end. Our administrators will meet today (Wednesday) to start planning a way forward,” Maika said.

The TAFIC chairman said among their priorities, the team will move quickly to recruit a qualified coach to take over the reins at the club.

“As you are aware, we parted ways with our coach sometimes during the course of the season and our assistant coach took over. Unfortunately, he does not have the stipulated licence to coach in the Premier League and we have to find one who is qualified,” said Maika.

He said as such, the intention is to have found a coach within a month so as to give him time to recruit players to beef up the current squad and make it ready for the BPL.

“TAFIC is a big brand and we are coming into the BPL to stay. Comparatively, we are as big as both Township Rollers and Gaborone United and we want to do as well as they did. When both came back from the lower division, they started competing for silverware and our plan is to stay up and fight for silverware as well,” Maika said.

Another priority for the TAFIC administrators, according to the team chairman, is to rebuild the team’s support base and also find sponsors and partners.

He said ever since the club got its promotion to the league this past weekend, Francistown has come alive as both supporters and residents are now looking at the prospect of having elite football back in the city.

“We are aware that our support base is aging and we now need to recruit and register youthful supporters. We also need to create a database of our supporters because while we have a large support base, just close to 100 are registered. We need to tap into the excitement to recruit and register members,” he explained.

He said the recruitment and registration of new members will also come in handy as the team starts hunting for sponsors and partners to help it survive in the elite league. 

With this in mind, the TAFIC chairman said they intend to have a proper office and create a strong marketing team which will aggressively spearhead the search of sponsors and recruitment and registration of players.

“This will be a long difficult journey. We are however happy that our league finished earlier than others as this will afford us time to start our preparations earlier,” concluded Maika.


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