Saturday, December 3, 2022

‘Opposition talks a chance’ ÔÇô party supporters

Botswana National Front activist, Basimanebotlhe Monnaesi, has urged supporters of the three opposition political parties currently engaged in cooperation talks to give those who have been mandated the task time to do their work before they could start criticizing them for not delivering.

Monnaesi said this when answering a question fielded by one of the audience at a rally he addressed at Gaborone Bus Rank.

Monnaesi said that supporters should bear in mind that the talks need to be treated with outmost care, “like a new born baby that no one would like to disturb when asleep”.

“Let us give them time; they have just started the work. We should not rush them,” he pleaded.

Soon afterwards, veteran Botswana Congress Party supporter, a visually impaired prominent business man, Dikole Dikole, also reiterated the statement made by Monnaesi, saying that those who have been tasked with the important job need to be given time in order to come out with good results.

Dikole said that such talks need to be handled in a secretive way in order to avoid their integrity being sacrificed by making their contents public information at the wrong time.

The other political party taking part in the negotiations, besides the BNF and BCP, is the newly formed Botswana Movement for Democracy.

BNF veteran, Lemogang Ntime, lashed out at the ruling Botswana Democratic Party for having failed to improve the lives of Batswana during the 45 years it has been in power.

Worse, he said, is the failing to provide basic necessities, such as clean water and that, where it is provided to them, the recipients are taxed.

On international issues, Ntime said that whilst not necessarily agreeing with the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s acts of opening fire on his own people, he finds it very odd that western countries, under the guise of United Nations, authorized the bombing of Libya but not Yemen, which is also killing its own people.

“Why are there double standards by the western powers? My bet is that the Yemeni are their friends and Libya their enemy,” he said.


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