Thursday, October 5, 2023

“You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?”

Member of Parliament Bagalatia Arone comes across as a man who is well versed with Biblical chapters and characters.  I am therefore inclined to believe he knows about Galatians Chapter 3, Verse 1 which addresses the tribe that, ironically, his name derives from; the Galatians or Bagalatia in the vernacular. The verse reads, “You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?” It reads in the vernacular, “A Bagalatia ke lona ba dieleele! Ana lo loilwe ke mang?  I listened to Bagalatia Arone trying to give some credence to his defection to the ruling party by giving reference to some Biblical teachings. In trying to justify his betrayal, Bagalatia took to the podium at a BDP rally in Ramotswa where he told those gullible followers who ululate to every word uttered, that he is following in the footsteps of one Ezekiel from the Biblical times. He went further to insinuate that the Bible is against the opposition of leaders, meaning, he has been committing a sin all along by opposing President Khama and his ruling party. According to Bagalatia, the existence of opposition parties is blasphemous because opposing the ruling party is opposing the will of God. I just looked at him and yawned.

Even President Khama looked bored standing there next to Bagalatia making noise yet saying nothing at all.At times when I listen to these politicians say out some of their outrageous and foolish statements on national television, I just thank God they would not be within reach of my klap .I feel really insulted every time a politician puts on a serious face and churns out gibberish that is supposedly meant to convince me to take him serious. Ke lenyatso le makgakga for a politician who has been opposing BDP policies for so long to change only now after benefiting from the same programs he has been peeing on all along.

Bagalatia says BDP was ordained by God to rule this country. Surely Jesus didn’t die for us to remain with such foolish Galatians who refuse to see the truth for what it is. Mo ke jone boloi, as observed by St Paul in the Bible. If the people of Okavango are used to such nonsensical statements, Bagalatia should not subject some of us to his hogwash. And don’t get me twisted here. I have no qualms with Bagalatia’s defection. In fact I have no problem with anyone who hops between political parties because after all, their right of association is guaranteed in the constitution. Everyone has a right to join any political party at any time but that right should not extend to making us look like fools. But I must state I know why Bagalatia ran to the Bible for his defense. It is very common for people who have no convincing or plausible reasons, to always run to the Bible. You see the good thing about the Bible is that it provides convenient defense to all the good and bad things we do. It can condemn death on the one chapter and support it on the other. Bagalatia knew very well that the real reasons for his defection are embarrassing and portray him as an untrustworthy politician with no principle. That explains why Bagalatia found it convenient to stand next to President Khama and utter such foolish statements to endear himself to Khama. I respect politicians who defect and make short statements such as “it is for personal reasons”, without dragging God into it.

The other day Philip Makgalemele told us he was going back to the BDP because his daughter sang a BDP song that got him all emotional and nostalgic. Though equally foolish, his reasons were not as outlandish as those of Bagalatia who claims to be following a fictitious Ezekiel. Bagalatia says he joins the BDP out of his burning desire to sit around the table with President Khama. He has now forgotten all about the bad things he said about Khama and the BDP during his campaigns. He has now forgotten about the voters who believed he too believed they deserved better than they are getting from the BDP. Bagalatia sold the people of Okavango a dummy by claiming he was going to parliament to oppose their oppression and forsakenness by the ruling party.

It now turns out he went to parliament to find a way to get closer to Khama. I don’t understand our politicians. They don’t seem to realize that at times you say it best when you say nothing at all. Bagalatia should have just joined the BDP and reminded people that he is at liberty to join any political formation of his choice. We wouldn’t be feeling insulted by his Biblical fairytales. If I join the BDP for personal economic gain, I will just say it is my personal choice. I will not start making noise with “hewe hewe God is against me writing about the president every week”.

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