Monday, December 5, 2022

“Your mother wants to kill you” ÔÇô abducted boy told

Nine year old Emmanuel Makholisi of Gaborone West who was abducted by his father’s girlfriend could not believe his ears when told that his mother was planning to kill him.
Makhohlisi on Friday told Gaborone Chief Magistrate Lot Moroka that Mmabatho Sekgoma, the woman who is facing charges of allegedly abducting him in 2004, told him to hide in the bonnet of her car because her mother wanted to kill him.

His ordeal, he said, started when he and a friend were about to enter at the gate of their school, Tlhabologang Primary School in the morning. Mmabatho approached them and told them that the gate was closed. She then told Emmanuel to get into the car she was driving as she wanted him to take a letter to his mother.

Instead of heading towards his home in Gaborone West, he said the car headed to Gaborone dam and that when he protested , Mmabatho told him that they were not going to his home. Finally he said that they ended up at Gaborone dam where Mmabatho told her that he wanted him to get into his car’s bonnet because his mother wanted to kill him.
On hearing that, he said he opened the car’s front door and ran away .Mmabatho chased after him, he managed to out run her through the bushes until he reached a road where he waved down cars and was picked up by one car which had two men and a woman.

After relating his story to the occupants of that car, he said they took him to Old Naledi Police Station.

Under cross examination by the defence lawyer Duma Boko, Emmanuel failed to explain why there were differences on the statements he had made to the police .during cross examination. He had also told the Court that after the incident at their home his mother showed him pictures of Mmabatho.

After some days he said that he was again taken to the police in Old Naledi where he was asked to describe the car which was allegedly used to abduct him.

He told the police that it had a broken front door mirror and an H in the middle of its steering wheel. He said the police took notes but that he does not remember if the statement was read back to him. The case continues on the 5-6 of June.


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