Monday, June 24, 2024

‘We are sweet jam rebels,’ says Maungo Craft’s Monthe

There is nothing like home-made jam, especially if it infuses the delectable sweetness of an indigenous fruit such as morula. 

Blending different flavours with a base of the morula fruit, local company Maungo Craft are ideal for your culinary adventures. 

Maungo Craft specialises in making low sugar, gourmet, craft jam, that is packed with organic indigenous fruits and super foods, says co-founder Bonolo Monthe. 

They also experiment with edgy flavour combinations. “We saw a great opportunity to play with indigenous fruit. We have all grown up seeing the morula trees in abundance and we have eaten the fruit in the same amounts. 

“However, we wanted to bring a new, unique and exciting angle to a seemingly bland fruit packed with vitamins. We then took a known fruit, to turn it into a world class gourmet craft jam that taste like no other,” she says.

On the creativity that goes into making the jams, Monthe says their recipes are made from love and are a collective effort

 “We are group of four friends, so creating new flavours is always fun for us. We throw ideas around and seek to find ways to make them work. We always encourage each other to think outside the box, because we are young, vibrant and proudly Botswana brand, and you can see and taste this in our products.”

Some of the flavours include Old Faithful, which is infused with vanilla and chia Seeds, Nana with banana and chocolate nibs swirling through the jam, Mara Mara with chilies and ginger and Midnight Crush which has guava and mint.

She says the jams greatly compliment a variety of dishes. “Bakers can bake cakes, muffins, cookies with them or use them as a topping. If you are a champagne and white sparkling wine lover, just drop a spoon of one the sweeter jams at the bottom of your glass, pour in your champagne and enjoy as the flavour infuses through the bubbly. For your more savoury dishes, you can use them in your stir-fry as marinate for sticky wings, stews, crackers and cheese and much more. “We want people to have fun in their kitchens, and our jams inspire that,” believes Monthe.

Speaking on the market experience so far, Monthe says her team is always working to craft jams that make them stand out, since being a start up company can be challenging.

“We want to put Botswana on the map as a contributor to the craft movement. If it’s out of the box, different, quirky and crafty, then know Maungo Craft has played a role in it. We are jam rebels and are a proud of it,” enthuses Monthe on her aspirations for Maungo.

For more on Maungo Craft and to make orders, visit their Facebook page Maungo.


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