Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Office parties: pitfall or license for fun?

‘Tis the season for office Christmas parties, the smell of barbequed meat hangs in the air and aren’t we all merry, celebrating with our colleagues, reflecting on what a year 2008 was. But, unavoidably, at such dos, someone will tread the walk of shame back to work after ‘letting down their hair’ behind the photocopier next year.
Sunday Standard spoke to a few people to find out how open they were to office party hook-ups.
Tebogo, a 28-year-old man says, of course.

“Particularly if it’s the type where you get to invite people you don’t work with. If all you have at an office party are the familiar faces then it’s likely to be boring,” he smiles slyly. “Many women come along to nab guys so who knows…”

Simon, 34, views office parties as possible hooking up places and says his first interracial sexual experience was made possible by attending an office party to which he was invited.
“However I don’t go out to parties looking, but never rule out the possibility,” he says. “The office party is really all about celebrating the company’s progress, that’s what I regard it as but who am I to turn down a perfect opportunity?”

However, cautions, Amogelang, a 28-year-old woman who would rather not let loose at the office party, “At such dos, people are always looking on, with the bosses there I wouldn’t do ‘certain’ things, because the office party is part work, if you know what I mean.” Amogelang says she generally tries to loosen up, but cannot have too much fun, because she is afraid of getting drunk and embarrassing herself.
“You spend more time with your colleagues, and will have to live through it constantly during the next year,” she said.

Whether getting your groove back at the work party tickles your fancy or not, here are some pointers that may be helpful.

Beware of the beer goggles
Yes, it has been scientifically proven that people get more attractive, the further you get sloshed. That fine specimen hotness might not be so a couple of hours later. One must also be within their wits when sidling up towards a colleague or a stranger at the office party lest you get a verbal warning when you report back next year.

Back off if the interest is not mutual.

Dress appropriately
The word party might incite your to pull out all the stops by exposing as many of your best physical attributes as possible, but please, resist. HR specialists advise that one should not wear clothes that reveal too much personality, but rather what they would deem suitable for a family gathering.

Have fun
Your employers certainly didn’t sponsor a party, with a DJ for you to practice your mannequin impression.


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