Monday, July 15, 2024

Oh, God! Hot pants are back again!

I wonder if fashion designers want to create another Garden of Eden of some sort, where modern day Eves would be walking around naked again. One wonders if the clothes they are now designing for women are clothes or just pieces of cloth put together and not meant to be worn.

I think there are people out there who would agree with me when I conclude that hot pants are part of our lingerie not clothes.

Hot pants were very common in the 1970s but now they have staged a major comeback and have rocked the clothing industry.

Hot pants have been part of fashion for decades and they continue to reach epic proportions in popularity in seasonal trends and styles.

Ladies who wear hot pants believe that hot pants take their fashion to the next level. The exclusive purpose why they put on these hot pants is to look sexy and fashionable.

Yeah, ladies might argue and say fashion is about choice and people should be able to wear what they want but do you know that fashion is an excuse to exercise subconscious messaging and psychological persuasion; not a way to make people look better? Fashion designers wouldn’t care less how one looks; the bottom line is money and that is why you see them pushing some grotesque contraptions on the catwalks of fashion.

They are after money and that’s all.
The amount of buttock flesh on display is a cause for concern; what really is the motive of the designer?

Regrettably, they have increasingly become more popular items for so-called sexy women’s hosiery. Most teenagers prefer these hot pants because they like revealing styles.

Hot pants are the preferred style for a disco or night club, astonishingly the style is now seen in the streets and on buses. Women have succumbed to the expectations of the designers and wear shorts that do more harm to their dignity than good, all for the sake of looking sexy and fashionable.

“Some girls leave home wearing sarongs,” said one Gaborone resident who refused to be named although showing a great deal of interest in the topic. “But people hardly notice that these girls are wearing hot pants underneath, which they will gladly remove when they meet with their friends at the movie house or in town but they will always arrive back home in their sarongs because they are worried about what their neighbours would say.”

This new fashion is raising eyebrows in many conservative families. One man told The Sunday Standard that, “I will not allow my daughter to walk in the streets putting on underwear showing every ripple of cellulite.”

Most of our aged people accept as true that moving around in hot pants is a complete digression from culture.

Come on ladies don’t allow these fashion designers to twist you like a noodle on their fingers. How can you walk around in a pant that curve up the outer thigh and follows the shape of your derriere? They are too reveling; they show a lot of skin.

Do we have to walk around showing our bums to please a designer or some leering males?

I personally think hot pants belong to the strippers’ territory not women who are eager to safeguard their dignity.

It is difficult to believe there is some dignity in women who put on these micro mini shorts that are meant to emphasize the buttocks and legs.
While in hot pants, can one blame men for sexually harassing you if you are walking around practically naked? They can’t resist touching you; and, regrettably, such dressing might plant seeds of rape in some sick minds.

We have to admit that most of our African women have a bulky bottom and chunky thighs that really need to be covered. But then you see them putting on these heads turning hot pants.

I think heads turn, not in approval, but embarrassment of how women can voluntarily demean themselves that much. The scene is no for the faint ÔÇôhearted. We cannot blame men for this because we are somewhat provoking them and not all men are gentlemen.
It’s high time women got back to their sanity and let go off these so called trendy clothes.

The ability to wear hot pants is not all in the thighs; it’s in the mind and the heart. It takes someone with a nerve to move around in those pants because hot pants are a testimonial on their own; they say so much with so little. They say, “To hell with culture; I’m having fun”.

If I had my way, I would remove those hot pants from the market, admittedly touching off debate that will find its way into human rights violations.
For this one, I wouldn’t care!


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