Monday, July 4, 2022

OLDM commemorates Global Safety Day

Orapa Letlhakane Damtshaa Mines (OLDM) on Monday commemorated the Global Safety Day as part of its efforts to sensitize employees on safety in the workplace.

The Global Safety Day is a day set aside by the Anglo American company to promote safety in the workplace. OLDM adopted the day to be an annual event as part of its strategy to reinforce the safety culture within its operations as well as to create a platform to retrospect on its safety performance.

Giving a keynote address during the event, the Chief Government Mining Engineer from the Department of Mines, Barulaganye Ace said that safety should be treated with utmost importance in every organization to ensure that industrial harmony prevails and for the organizations to meet their social responsibilities.

┬á“It is very crucial for any organization to protect its employees from injuries, to protect its property and to protect the environment it operates in,” he said.

Barulaganye further lauded the Global Safety Day saying that it is a very important step towards the promotion of zero harm in the work environment. He said that the day has very important principles towards a journey to zero harm in the working environment.

“Underlying these principles towards zero harm is zero mindset which is based on the premise that all injuries, environmental effects are preventable,” he said.

Barulaganye also said that a workplace should be treated just like a community where there are attributes of identity, culture, norms and expectations of how and when things are done, what is acceptable and what appropriate behavior is required in that particular community.

Touching on the theme of the day, “Real Safety Begins with Me”, Barulaganye said that the theme is very important as it seeks to instill a sense of ownership and accountability on safety as a culture that needs to be nurtured.

 He lauded OLDM for upholding high standard practices on safety, health and environment protection.


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