Thursday, October 21, 2021

Olopeng convenes extraordinary meeting for Tonota constituency

Member of Parliament for Tonota, Thapelo Olopeng has called an extraordinary constituency meeting at which he says he intends to brief constituents about his development vision for the area.

The meeting to be held on November 26th at the Tonota main kgotla comes immediately in the wake of a presentation of National Development Plan 11 to the nation and Parliament by Minister of Finance of Development Planning, Ken Matambo.

Parliament is currently seized with discussing the document which will serve as a blueprint for national developments over the next ten years.

Olopeng has said he intends to use the constituency meeting to share with the public his development roadmap.

He says while the meeting is especially targeted at members of his constituency who on account of work commitments stay outside the constituency, he will also be inviting those residing in the area.

“It is for that reason that unlike all the previous meetings, this particular one will be held during a weekend to allow everybody an opportunity to attend,” said Olopeng.

According to Olopeng, the Minister of Finance who is also a member of the area will have a privilege to provide an overview of the economic challenges that the country is grappling with.

Constituents will learn in detail what developments have been lined up for their area under NDP 11.

Various government departments and agencies like the Land Board, Water Utilities Corporation, the police, Sub-District Council and others have been invited to allow them an opportunity to immediately address issues pertaining to their operations as and when they are raised by the constituents.

According to Olopeng, he will listen attentively to his voters while also sharing with them what business and job opportunities he expects to come their way as a result of the envisaged developments.

“The meeting will provide a dialogue rather than a one-way communication. I will also be listening to people in the constituency what their priorities are,” he said.

He said the meeting will produce actionable set of issues the implementation of which he will personally oversee as Member of Parliament for the constituency.


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