Monday, January 17, 2022

One Place for All Your Beauty needs

The expression ‘First impressions last’ goes a very long way in always trying to induce you to look your best in every situation you may find yourself in. Grooming has come a long way and nowadays there is very little that soap and water can do and one has to go the extra mile to be prim and proper.

Amidst the buzz and activity in the newly built Molapo Piazzza lies a little bit of heaven known as the Edge Gaborone, a Beauty centre and basically a one stop station to looking fabulous. Upon arrival, I had a good feeling behind the welcoming smiles, these young ladies were a way of accepting the challenge to groom my unkempt hair and Plain Jane face and make up.

I was first ushered into the nail art studio by a sweet bubbly Nail Specialist who simply identifies herself as China. After making sure I was comfortable she went on with her business which was to give me the perfect manicure; something she called ‘Natural Tips with Gel.’ She expertly worked her way through my hands and fingers explaining the whole process and how to take care of the manicure. During our little chat China explained that she was actually a University of Botswana graduate with a degree in Business Administration and by being a nail Technician she was following her passion.

Sporting pink perfectly manicured nails, I was ushered to the hair section where hairdressers Boitumelo and Bontle welcomed me with open arms. I was treated to a shampoo and some kind of herbal mix conditioner and I could literally feel my scalp breathe as Boitumelo massaged it. Then in true African girl style the two ladies continued to braid my hair. These two ladies were so good with my hair that I almost fell over the chair as I dozed off.

Whoever started the rumour that threading eyebrows was painful beyond words should be locked up with murderers and armed robbers because in my experience I felt a slight discomfort over the pain that I had initially anticipated. Kalanga beauty Rapelang had quite the challenge of tying down this tiger to get her eyebrows threaded to perfection. After convincing me that I will survive the thread I kicked myself twice for believing the myth.

As a cherry on top, China proceeded with the makeover with a little make up.

While I was being preened and pampered I was also shown another side of this spa which also caters for gentlemen who have a passion for how they look. Men who get haircuts are treated to an invigorating three minute head massage after being shampooed, not the dirty speedy one offered by some below par saloons.

Alongside these many treats, The Edge also offers full body massages, beauty products and they take pride in that they take their clientele very seriously which is why they have expert trained employees only. The Administrator, Michelle told The Sunday Standard that The Edge had been operating since December 2014 and that their number one priority was ensuring that their customers not only looked good but felt good as well. Michelle went on to explain that they have various packages including corporate, bridal and individuals. The Edge is a wholly citizen owned business and posses a certain panache of modern interior designing which creates a very calm and conducive environment for all one’s beauty needs.


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