Friday, August 12, 2022

One stop wedding centre opens in Commerce Park

When Pelo Babotsi got married late last year, she, like many others, did the bride-to-be rite of passage, alongside her then fianc├®, Mopati Babotsi: erratic trips up and down and across Gaborone finding quotations for deco, gowns, cakes and sundry. Which is when she got her light bulb moment.

“A place where all these services can be found under one roof, and a seasonal bridal magazine,” she told guests at the official opening of The Wedding Expert Information Centre in Commerce Park. Officiating at the opening was marriage councillor Ntombi Setshwaelo.

Setshwaelo, who has been married for 37 years, and will be contributing a column to The Wedding Expert magazine, started by commending Pelo and Mopati on their marriage, business ventures and reminded the attending audience, who sat in a wedding sitting plan facing a wedding alter, that marriage is what is beyond the wedding day.

She went on to talk to the attending young audience, which included engaged couples about the six most important connections a couple needs have, to make a marriage work after the infatuation has dipped. She counted intellectual (you and your partner must be on the same wavelength), spirituality (sharing ethics), emotional, social, financial (couples must earnestly prioritise together) and lastly friendship (which she said included sexuality).

Setshwaelo then officially opened the Wedding Expert Information Centre.


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