Thursday, April 25, 2024

Open your eyes when you kiss me…or don’t

Don’t you just wish to see what your partner looks like when you kiss them? Don’t you want to see whether their pupils dilate or see the face that he or she makes when your lips lock?
In that case, open your eyes every time you kiss and make sure you see them.
Could it also be basic instinct that a person cannot kiss someone with their eyes open?

Even though some people are able to kiss without shutting their eyes, it seems most people see it as the right thing to do and succumb to kissing with their eyes closed.

A mother would, for instance, plant a kiss on their child with eyes completely shut, even if it’s just a quick peck on the lips, forehead or cheek.

It is a different case scenario for lovers, even though you may find either partner keeping their eyes open to see their “love” up close and personal, some, for one reason or other, can’t or don’t want to see anything while kissing their partner.

Is it that the other partner would not want to see what their partner looks like from close range? Who would want to be confronted with strange facial discoveries they had never before seen just when they are trying to get intimate?

Or is closing the eyes complement the drawing of the curtains and clicking off the light before getting intimate? Could this be where it evolved from?

The first kiss at pre-school or during the adolescent stage was, well a first, if you did it with your eyes closed you are forgiven because you were probably scared you could have wet your pants. The deal here was you did not know what you were doing or you wanted to get it over and done with so you could definitely run home and hope that your folks don’t notice that you had your first kiss.

Another reason could be that it is what you saw on television or watched someone else doing it with closed eyes and you thought that’s what you are supposed to do. Or maybe you were made that way, it was more reflex than anything else.

Scientists have, over the years, tried to provide explanations as to why people kiss with their eyes closed. They gave three reasons and the first reason according to scientists from Singapore was that people shut their eyes when kissing in order to avoid getting overwhelmed emotionally. Secondly, they do so in order to avoid seeing amorphous facial features of their partner up close.”
There is also another viewpoint in regards to the issue.

“In the course of a kiss, you get to see blur, non 3D facial features; this can be quite repulsive,” says the professor. That is why we instinctively prefer to have our eyes shut while kissing.

The final reason given by the scientists was modesty; they also argued that it was, however, non characteristic of everyone.

One source from an online social chat site asserted that, “You kiss with your eyes closed because it blocks out visual sensations, allowing your body to focus on the stimuli you are experiencing with the kiss and to not be distracted by what your eyes see. You are better able to concentrate entirely on your partner’s mouth and how the kiss feels since you eliminate obstructions from visual intake.”

Other partakers on the conversation also said kissing with your eyes closed is strictly a matter of personal preference, arguing that it could spoil “a romantic moment”, because it is weird to see someone that close could distract you.

One respondent openly confessed, “I tried once to keep my eyes open. We caught each other’s glance. It was kind of weird; it was all nose and eyes. I guess it’s just less awkward.”
Blackie Letshabo, a Food and Science Technology student at the Monarsh University, says that whether he closes his eyes on kissing depends on who he is kissing.
“I only close my eyes when I am kissing my girlfriend,” he said.

He says that he believes it is not right to do it with eyes wide open because “just like when you meditate. You have 2 feel that passion so closing your eyes makes you concentrate deeply and feel what you are doing.”

Another local college student, who preferred anonymity, said that she closes his eyes when kissing her partner “because it would be awkward to sit there and stare at the person while shoving your tongue down their throat!,” she laughingly said.


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