Thursday, March 4, 2021

Orange Botswana policy reflects innovation

Orange Botswana says it wants to be consistently and strongly associated with innovation emanating from its innovation policy and continuing to achieve the highest level of innovation as evident from its innovative breakthroughs.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, Orange Botswana Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Philippe Baudin said their vision is to remain committed to improving people’s lives and being loved by all the stakeholders.

He said to achieve that, Orange Botswana strive to represent the characteristics of a company concerned with the well-being of its employees and creating conditions for better achievements and a company that provides the best customer experience in the market and deliver their promise with fair prices for services provided.

Baudin pointed out that to date 52 percent of the country is covered by 3G, adding that sites will soon be deployed in various towns.

He said 80 percent of the country is currently connected through 2G. Orange CEO stated that apart from the fact that their customers have recently displayed an appetite for data more than voice and sms, Orange would like to play a key role in digital inclusion of underserved communities within the country to improve access to technology, so as to encourage beneficial use of data in line with the National Broadband Strategy.

“Our plan is therefore to significantly increase our 3G coverage in 2014 so that we can have over 60 percent of the population covered with high speed internet,” said Baudin.

He highlighted that additionally, to increase speed and access, Orange is in the process of implementing 4G network, pending issuance of licence and applicable frequency by the regulator.
Baudin said Orange Botswana is investing in high-leverage resources that will be highly focused on End to End Quality of Service as a key component of the organization to improve customer experience adding that it will allow them to be very vigilant and highly responsive to network issues. On proximity to customers, the CEO said they plan to optimise the distribution network but currently they have the highest distribution and point of sales foot print of 19 Orange shops.

“We have strong indirect distribution channels: retailers and dealers, this translates to about 19 000 resellers allowing us to commercially cover the whole country. We also have a mobile shop which reaches to people in various villages affording our customers the benefits of those close to the main towns and villages,” he said.

He spoke about the main challenge being to make the customers and stakeholders happy adding that it is the cornerstone of our business.

He said however it is becoming more and more difficult to meet all stakeholders’ expectations and at the same time maintain their profitability. He added that it is crucial based on the fact that their business is still capex driven and as a telecommunications operator we must continue to invest to further improve their coverage, develop new products and services and bring innovation to Botswana market. “Therefore we have an important challenge to balance our margin in order to continue investing”.

Baudin highlighted that the relocation of Diamond Trading Company (DTC) to Botswana presents an opportunity for Orange Botswana to extend their services to the DTC, its employees and their families. He said most of the relocating employees are from developed countries like England where telecommunications systems are advance, and added that they would expect the same in Botswana for both voice and data services. He pointed out that Orange is able to match the anticipated international standards.


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