Sunday, May 28, 2023

Orange motivates students living with disability through 6th Annual Excellence Awards

On July 16th, Orange Foundation will award top achieving students in the Special Needs Category at the Botswana Examination Council (BEC) 6th Annual Excellence Awards. This is the 6th time in a row that Orange is supporting this activity since its inception. This is in recognition of the student’s hard work and excellence in their final examinations, despite the situation they find themselves in.

Disability and Education are some of the main pillars of the Orange Foundation, therefore supporting this initiative is part of the Foundation’s strategy which aims to support the inclusion and recognition of people living with disability, as well as to promote their access to education.

“We believe that identifying and awarding these students for excellence will go a long way in motivating them to believe in themselves and consequently give them the confidence to integrate in to society and contribute to economic development of the country, said Boga Chilinde-Masebu, Public Relations and Foundation Manager at Orange.

At last year’s awards, Orange awarded laptops equipped with JAWS software to students who are visually impaired. “This is a software that makes learning for the visually impaired easier as it converts written text into spoken words and reads out the info in the computer screen through speakers or headphones,” said Ms Chilinde-Masebu.

This Award ceremony is an annual occasion organized by Botswana Examination Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (BEC), to recognize high performing students in their PSLE, JCE and BGCSE examinations. The Awards were launched in 2010 initially to celebrate the nation’s top achievers, in the BGCSE, however it was extended to not only embrace top excelling performers at BGCSE, but across the other examination levels as well; namely PSLE and JCE top achievers.

It is envisaged that the awards will act as a catalyst and motivation for candidates who register for BEC examinations to perform at their best.


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