Friday, April 12, 2024

Orange turns 18, strives to be the best

Orange Botswana has revealed that it has invested heavily on infrastructure and network, spending more than P150million annually over the past 18 years of its existence in Botswana.

The company said it continues to create employment for Batswana through partnerships with other market players. There are currently over 16,926 partners, hawkers, dealers, and retailers distributing Orange services. 

Orange Botswana Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Patrick Benon said in an interview that the cellphone giant continues to demonstrate data leadership; as it was the first mobile operator to launch 4G internet technology in 2015. He further said Orange’s footprint continues to grow, making the company’s services available to customers through 16 Orange shops nationwide and a mobile shop, all offering full services.

“Essentially, we are transforming from a telecommunication operator to a service provider approach. This means that we are shifting our focus to the needs of our customers which are central to our existence,” said Dr. Benon.

He added that Orange thrives on competition as it is very healthy for its day to day business, and also inspires and drives the company to innovate in terms of products and services.

Further, said Dr. Benon competition drives Orange to be the best at what it does.

“This includes the spread and quality of connectivity in order to retain our customers and get new ones to increase our market share. As we turn 18 years, we are evolving to represent our new vision and commitment to our customers,” said Dr. Benon.

The Orange Botswana CEO believes that government is supportive of the telecommunications industry. He also believes there is still room for growth, which will allow Orange to tap into other sectors of the economy, thus increasing efficiency and service delivery within the different sectors. 

Orange’s current market share is 35.6 percent, as measured by the number of customers connected to its network.

 “We entered the Botswana market with intentions to usher Batswana into the world of connectivity, taking them on a journey to wireless communication to enable them to communicate wherever, whenever, and however they wish,” said Dr. Benon.

Orange Botswana is also a leader in the local mobile money market. As at end of February, Orange Money had a total customer base of over 360 000 of which over 123 000 were active customers, representing 67 percent of the mobile money base. Dr. Benon explained that Orange Money started off as cash in cash out service and blossomed into a comprehensive financial services tool which people can use to pay for goods and services, buy prepaid electricity, and pay DSTV.

 The company has entered into a business agreement with Ericson Botswana to implement   a managed services contract, which is a common feature in the telecommunication sector worldwide. The purpose of this project was to optimize the Orange network and IT operations in order to adapt and meet the versatile needs and expectations of customers. 

“In 2015 we launched a new customer focused strategy, termed Essentials 2020. The main pillar of the strategy is to offer incomparable customer experience to all our customers and stakeholders,” said Dr. Benon.


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