Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Our country is being sold on a broad day light

By Cosmos Moenga

June 25 to 26, 2019 will go down in history as the dates when some Batswana political leaders sold our country for a mere twenty million pula while Palestinians political leaders rejected to sell their country for fifty billion US dollars.

During those dates president Donald Trump’s son in law who is also a Senior advisor to Trump was holding a conference in Bahrain the aim of which was to lure the Palestinians to agree to sign an economical deal to boast the Palestinian economy and great millions of jobs for the Palestinians.  The Palestinians leadership categorically rejected the deal; they did not even bother to travel to Bahrain.  Their response was short but very loud and clear.  We cannot sell our country for” money”.

In Botswana at the same time UDC parliamentary candidates were gathered at Oasis Motel to present a budget for each constituency by certain white controlled company from South Africa.  This company we are told marketed the current DR Congo president Tshisekedi to power.  We all know what is happening in D.R.C since 1961. When private companies propel political leaders to power the result is civil wars. Private companies are the major contributors to instabilities in the African continent.

Today we are speaking about marketing company but if the marketing company is not well paid either by cash or natural resources, the rest is that the marketing company will hire a military company (mecernaries) to take those resources by force of arm.

Every company is formed to make business and the end result of every business is profit. That is what Adam Smith taught us.  There is no company run by whites which can come and market Batswana political party for free.  We are told that this marketing company which is marketing UDC shall fund raise for the party.  The question is if the total cost for marketing UDC is hundred million pula, and the marketing company does not reach that target who shall pay the marketing company?  I learnt that the marketing company will be paid from the money it raised from the funders.  The other question is who these funders are because it seems the marketing company and the UDC leaders are very confident that they shall get the money they have budgeted for.

My suspicion is that the Motsepe family are involved or they are the major funder of this project and other criminals from Europe and North America.  If this school of thought is correct, can the UDC leadership still deny that it sometime hold secrets meetings with South Africans business people and promise them our mines and other natural resources if they can topple Masisi?  These are the same UDC leadership who have been labelling Sunday Standard an agent of DIS. Now the truth is out, the marketing company from South Africa is here.  And the funders are South African criminals.  Batswana have the rights to know the owners of this marketing company which is marketing UDC. Batswana have the right to know who this company will be raising funds from.

The UDC leaders should be honest to Batswana, when they go out to South Africa to raise funds from criminals, they should not pretend that they are visiting their friends and relatives.  There are progressive forces in South Africa and elsewhere UDC can fund raise from, why raise money from criminals and crooks? Is it a question same feather?

In 1994 while I was a student at the University of Namibia SWAPO gave ANC one hundred million rands for its first campaign and it was announced to both Namibian people and the South African people.  We are all aware that there is money needed for elections and the state is not funding political parties, but are our leaders so desperate to take money from criminals.  It is fact that our people are suffering poverty unemployment, have turned our children into criminals and prostitutes.  The question is do we have to sell our souls in order to save our children?  Do we have to sell our birth right for money? Do we have to sell our country in order to get minimum wage of P3000.00.  Historically and contextually the Palestinians are the most suffering people on earth in terms of economic and political oppression, but they refused to be bought not by criminals but the mighty USA government.  It is a question of principles. There are those who urged Botswana Democratic Party is also being funded from outside.  The truth be told, BDP is in power since 1965 because of outside and inside funding.  Now the question which Batswana should ask themselves is if the means and ways of taking power by UDC is the same as that of BDP can we expect different result when UDC is in power?  This is not just a mere political rhetoric question but more importantly is an ethical question.  Does the means justify the end or the end justify the means? Patrice Lumumba before he was shot dead by the imperialist Agents said you better die with your head up than bow down to the traitors and their masters. 

Dr Cosmos K. Moenga is a BNF Veteran


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