Saturday, July 2, 2022

Our male artists intimidated by talented female artists

With the increased popularity of social networking sites, many have taken it upon themselves to be commentators on world events and experts in government policies all over the world.
Botswana is not an exception.

Most of the residents of the Botswana Twitter Village have taken it upon themselves to voice their disgruntlement towards the running of this country. The creative youth did not want to be left behind and they have taken it upon themselves to have their say on the unfair practices or non-practices in the entertainment industry of Botswana, which is still a foetus.

Many lament that a lot is not being done; others complain that a lot is being said and nothing is being done.

Recently, BOMU Communications Manager, Pagson Ntsie, took to the radio slot that the organization has on the government commercial radio station, RB2, to try and find out what they can do about some of the unsettling issues in the industry – the lack of female entertainers in the market.
The very popular female entertainer, Magdalene Lesolebe of Culture Spears fame, also trading as “Charmer Girl”, took the opportunity to voice some of the issues she faced while climbing the ladder of success.

The outspoken diva had a very intense on-air-communication with the presenter of the popular radio show “Urban Flavours,” Gaone Dintwe. What one could tell was the frustrations written on the singer’s face as well as the determination to beat the odds, with the help of those in powerful positions.

Amongst the issues raised was the fact that male artists feel threatened by a talented woman. As is commonly known, men usually let their egos rule them, as most of them believe that women cannot be better than them in anything. At that point of the conversation, Ntsie took a chance to narrate the story of a recent event at a show they recently held in Francistown.

Without mentioning any names, Ntsie said that one popular male artist unplugged the microphones while a very seasoned female artist was performing. The man seemed to have been hurt by the kind of reaction the female artist was getting – a reaction which had, by far, surpassed the one he got. His excuse was that the time was up. This was confirmed by a caller from Francistown who said that she has always wondered why men always performed for a really long time and female artists only performed the shortest time.

This part of the discussion was closed with the conclusion that it is indeed a man’s world. And when a man wants to do something and he is not able, he will use the strength of his body.

While in the heat of the moment, Lesolebe also told of the story of her walk to fame. She said that she faced many trials and stumbling blocks, amongst them elders who did not believe in the success of a female in the art industry. She said that she was lucky enough to have people who encouraged her to go on with the promise that once she proved that she is resilient and will indeed achieve success, her elders will accept and encourage her.

Lesolebe admitted that not many youngsters out there are lucky enough to have such people around them.

Questioned by Dintwe on how she manages to have a successful relationship with the other lead singer of the popular traditional group, she said that he understands that what she does on stage is only business and work.

“What happens on stage remains on stage and what happens at home is different. We know how to differentiate the two.”

She laughingly told listeners while on air that she does, however, encounters many female fans of her husband who do try to pull up some moves on him. She says that she is not fazed nor intimidated by it because she understands that it is part of the industry.

BOMU concluded that the best solution to this problem would be the establishment of a woman’s wing in the organization. One that will attend to the issues particularly faced by female artists.
Female artists interested in joining the move can contact BOMU on 71708940 or 3973787.


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