Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Our silly Premier League with two management committees

The newly appointed Premier League management committee is destined for a head-on collision with the one that was appointed in July last year July for a two-year term which has not expired.  

The BFA/Premier League is yet to inform the previous committee that they are no longer recognised. 

According to the BFA constitution “the management committee shall be responsible for the control and administration of the Premier League competitions and report to the Premier League Board through the Executive Director”. 

The Premier League Board is made up of 16 Premier League club chairpersons. While it was accused of interfering with the operations of the secretariat, some were not happy that the officials were interfering with the intention of gaining favours for their teams. 

The league management committee is to enhance the secretariat and not to take the powers of the secretariat, according to the BFA constitution. 

Last week the Premier League Board failed to advise the BFA National Executive Committee (NEC) that a new management committee had been appointed on a two-year term while another one was still in office.  Instead it endorsed it. 

One of the committee members who were elected last year, Mboki Chilisa, said: “I don’t know anything with regard to the appointment of the new committee. I know I am a member of the Premier league management committee.” 

H e added: “We have not received anything alerting us that we are no longer in the management committee.” 

He said though they had volunteered to help in the running of the league one would have expected courtesy to say the new committee had been roped in. “Maybe we have done something wrong that we were not aware of,” he said. 

Botswana Football Association (BFA) Chief Executive Officer Kitso Kemoeng said: “Honestly I am not aware there are two committees. The Premier League Board could have advised on that since they are the ones who are running the league.  

“If they were aware that there was a management committee appointed last year they should not have proceeded with the endorsement of the new one,” Kemoeng believes. 

The management committee that was appointed last year includes Chilisa, Wincey Ramaphoi (HR expert), Lawrence Wright (finance expert) and Mmoloke Sebako (security expert).  

The newly appointed committee comprises of Booker Bannister, Victor Sebolao and Theresa Hirschfield among others. It is said the committee will be chaired by Bannister. 


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