Tuesday, April 23, 2024

P3 million cash found hidden at Kgosi’s side kick’s house

The serious Crime Squad last week raided former Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) Director Isaac Kgosi’s side kick and recovered a stash of P 3 million in cash notes hidden in her house.

The money was discovered at the heavily fortified Block 7 house registered under DIS head of special task team Wilhelmina (surname withheld) who has been codenamed “Butterfly”.

Sunday Standard investigations have turned up information that Butterfly’s house doubled as a DIS safe house and was last year, April 12th 2017 fitted with state of the art surveillance cameras by two DIS officers, Allen and Makgowa (surnames known to this publication) at tax payers’ expense.

The landscaping at the house in Block 7 is done by the same company (known to this publication) that tends to DIS offices’ gardens.

Wilhelmina who is a former First National Bank teller and an alleged die-hard shopaholic was with the DIS former boss the day he was stripped of his position as DIS director General. She was the one who drove Isaac Kgosi’s vehicle back to the DIS complex after the former DIS boss was forced into a BDF vehicle under armed escort.

The raid on Wilhelmina’s house is understood to be part of a bigger investigation by government to track down some of the DIS equipment.

Information passed to the Sunday Standard reveal that most of the DIS equipment was not registered and the new administration is still conducting an audit to try and establish what equipment could be missing.

The new DIS boss, Brig Peter Magosi is understood to have switched off the DIS interception system while investigating possibilities that the network may have a back door to conduct undetected espionage and that some of the equipment may be out there.

The new DIS boss is also reported to be weary of inheriting a P3 billion intelligence infrastructure installed by former Director General Isaac Kgosi whose relationship with suppliers is personal.

Almost the whole of the DIS Information Technology system was installed by Vlatacom, a Serbian company whose owner Managing Director Vladimir Cizeij is believed to be a personal friend of Kgosi. Cizeij also has a personal interest in ensuring that Kgosi is not prosecuted as he would also be implicated. Cizeij who was given P500 million worth of contracts by the DIS paid close to P1 million into DIS Director General Isaac Kgosi’s trust account with a local law firm.


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