Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Palm lines are just palm lines

I am not one of those who believe that this earth is billions of years old nor do I believe the monthly nonsense from some obscure archeologist yearning for recognition, takes a trip to Egypt or Kenya then suddenly announces that he has found the remains of some creature that lived 500 million years ago.
What used to be called ‘mankind’ always tried to even the situation. When they did not understand something, they attributed it to the unknown, creating some sort of fear of the unknown.
Later, maybe because of misplaced enthusiasm over life, people started getting more brilliant than they were.

They started interpreting and predicting life by the position of the stars saying that people who were born “when the moon was in Virgo” did this and that or the Pisces group was more in touch with themselves and reality because of the number of moons somewhere in their orbit.

Goodness, do you realize how many people are fooled by the nonsense called ‘horoscope’?
Try to read every one of them and see if you can spot the difference. Better still, try to understand if any position has been taken or if it’s just words.

It is serious business, though.
Ronald Reagan, the late former US president, caused a stir when it was known that he consulted astrologists before making major decisions while in the White House.

“I refer to it as the world’s worst-kept secret that President Reagan relies on astrology,” said astrologer Sydney Omarr in 1988.
“As for Ronald Reagan,┬álike Calvin Coolidge, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt before him, astrology appeared to be tied into life itself, and important decisions required at least a quick glance to the stars.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer, for example, insisted that “the signing of the U.S. Soviet treaty eliminating medium-range nuclear missiles” had been signed at 1:30 p.m. on December 8, 1987 based on advice from an astrologer.

“In addition, many papers reported the story that Ronald Reagan had postponed his inauguration 9 minutes as governor of California till 12:10 a.m. on January 2, 1967 based on astrology calculations.
“Reagan became noted as being one of the few governors to actually sign astrology legislation when on August 30, 1974, as Governor of California, he signed legislation which became Chapter 583, and added Section 50027 to the government Code, relating to astrology. The legislation removed licensed astrologers from the category of fortune tellers, thus allowing them to practice their trade for compensation.”

He goes on to say that astrology was only a part of Reagan’s interest in things unseen.
“He was openly known to be very interested in anything occult, including UFOs, lucky numbers, astrology, lucky coins, and ghosts.”

But Reagan was not alone.
There are millions of people who believe they would not live a second more unless they are given comfort and assurance by the moons somewhere in Virgo, wherever that is.

Then there are those who spend a lifetime studying the lines in the palms of their hands, deciphering non-existent messages and clues leading nowhere.
They believe some gods left a very important message there but why their god would be so mysterious about a message for his little ones is a mystery never meant to be solved.

There are palm readers, fortune tellers and clairvoyants who tell you more about what the gods intended just by looking at the lines in the palm of your hand.

On the Internet, I came across the EastWest Institute (for self-understanding, it said).
The Institute was grappling with a question from a believer who wanted confirmation of whether palm lines can indicate how long someone is going to live.

“No!” said the Institute. “This is a myth that started in previous centuries and, sadly, it is still hanging around with some palm readers. According to many hand readers in the past (and even a few today), the Life Line length reveals to them how long you will live. Of course, you must pay your good money to them to receive this “priceless secret”. They can demand even more money when there is much drama and theater involved.”

The Institute goes on to say that if the palm reader tells you they can tell you when you are going to die from your hand lines, “put your hands tightly on your money and leave immediately.” It advises you to “spend that money instead on some good nutrition and you will increase your life span.”

But there was persistence from the person asking; apparently, the person was looking to be convinced because in the next question, he wanted to know if the lines in the palms of the hands reveal anything.
The Institute strikes back, thus: ”Yes! The lines (as well as other indicators) do reveal a lot of general information about how a person functions in life. At the lowest level, the lines (and every other indicator) indicate how a person uses their hands in daily life. (Aggressively, timidly, gently, firmly, etc.) Also, it doesn’t take an expert to discern how much stress is being experienced in life. With a little training, it is easy to see how those stresses are affecting performance and internal feelings in specific areas of daily life.”

But Peter and Kathleen Keogh think differently.
“When you look into your hands, you will see the three major lines of heart, head, and life,” they say on their website. “The heart line shows how we feel, the head line how we think and the life line how much physical vitality we have to sustain the body. The motivation to live is not shown by the life line alone. One’s inspiration for life could be arising out of a strong emotional need to connect with someone, reflected by an intense heart line. The desire to live could be motivated by an urge for intellectual pursuits. This will be reflected by a strong head line more predominantly developed than either the line of life or heart.”
Do you want me to run that mumbo jumbo by you one more time?

Ignoring the simple fact that nature does not create straight lines, the two clairvoyants say: “However, for an individual to feel more at peace, it is best when the three major lines are equal in length and strength.”
This, they say, reflects that a degree of harmony has been achieved as no one line is imbalancing the other two.

“If the heart line is predominant, then the sentiments will play an important role in the person’s life. However, if the head line is not strong enough to keep the individual centered, the emotions may confuse, rather than inspire, the individual to express creatively. If the head line is strong but the life line is weak, there may not be enough energy to consistently endure and persist in accomplishing one’s goals.”
If you understand this, please give me a call and help me out.

And Angela M. Mattey, a colleague of the two and writing on the same website, sprinkles her two cents’ worthy of abstract analysis.

“Whenever you look at the lines in the palm, the quality of the line tells you very much about the person. Check to see if the lines are clear, deep and unbroken. This means the line has good quality,” she counsels. “If the lines are criss-crossed, chained, broken, have islands or are faintly traced, it is considered to have poor quality. A poor quality line tells you that the person lacks good flow of well-being in the area that is weakened. It can represent a period of time in life when the owner is indecisive, unhappy, stressed, feeling blocked, or unable to feel secure about embracing life. Many hands have clear, unbroken lines even though the owner has had what an observer would evaluate to be a very difficult life. This means that the owner is able to survive and cope with life taking what life gives them in stride even though it may be significant challenges. There are other hands where the lines are all criss-crossed and the owner has not had that difficult a life by another’s standards, but they see their life as stressful and overwhelming.

What did she say? What does it mean?
Well, the answer might be in the stars!


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