Monday, July 4, 2022

Pants: “to sag or to raise” ÔÇô that is the question

Retailers have a spectrum of clothing to lure fashion fanatics to purchase shoes, tops, skirts, dresses, pants, etc, in their diversity of textures, designs, colours and make.

Women and men alike are exposed to innumerable fashion trends that come and go.

Some have stood the test of time and made a tremendous mark in boardrooms and in the street corners, with some bearing an emblem of good repute or lack of.

Just like paintings and sculptures, there lies a story behind the conception of every idea. Then an inquisitive Shakespeare for some awkward reason, would probably ask, ‘to sag or not to sag-; ‘to raise or not to raise- that is the question’.

I’ll leave that to you to ponder.

Raised pants date back to the 1940’s when men and women, out of comfort and assumed decency, wore their pants at their waistline or raised all the way up to their belly button. The armed forces and services gird up their belts neatly at their waistline, and even in this modern age it seems only appropriate to do so (sometimes).

How one wears his/her pants is relative to an individual’s preference, comfort and style.

Raised pants to some may seem comical and dorky but surely every individual should not be reprimanded for choosing what best suites them. For the older generation and for those who highly esteem the practice respectable, raised pants are still very prominent.

Today, possibly with a more modern tinted approach, there’s a slight diversion from its association with ‘nerdy classroom or old professor look’ to being regarded as more stylish, funky and pop culture. The raised pants idea has even been dramatically developed to suit women’s casual and formal look in their high-waist skirts and pants.

The sagging pants conception also referred to as ‘low-riding’ wasn’t a masterminded idea that suddenly popped up in the head of an aspiring Einstein or famous designer, who then decided to sketch pants that droop and make money.

A well established theory about this trend is that it originated in the prison system due to inmates not being allowed belts. Even outside their iron confinements, the former inmates were still accustomed to letting their pants sag, and then as they say the rest is history.

All in the name of appearing fashionable and for sheer comfort, the younger generation, and the older generations (who have youthful tendencies) have adopted the sagging pants philosophy. Compared to other fashion trends, the infamous sagging of pants is undoubtedly an eyesore for the older generation who are quick to throw sharp rebukes at the sight of drooping pants.

The raised pants philosophy, untouched by modern style, still lags behind in all comparison, perhaps due to its initial establishment amongst the seemingly un-pop cultured.

Men and women find identity for themselves in the type of clothes they wear and how they ‘rock’ them. Even with the growing trend of shared fashion trends amongst men and women alike, every individual learns to establish their own unique taste and variance that suits them specifically.

Some chose to sag they pants or raise them to cover up for their bodily shortcomings or to upgrade their style in a way to suit a certain environment.

So in answering Shakespeare’s hallucinate questions, it’s really up to an individual whether their pants hang ‘low’, or ‘raised’. The fashion marketplace has evenly catered for the needs of those who sag or raise their pants, providing better alternatives of high raised and low waist skirts and pants, so all benefit!

So, go on; ‘sag’ and raise your pants- appropriately!


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