Friday, June 21, 2024

Peace pipe smoke blinds warring Centre Chiefs factions

The two warring factions of Mochudi Centre Chiefs are yet to make peace after the settlement agreement that they entered into to bring normalcy to the team.  

The two factions, Mochudi Centre Chiefs Society and Mochudi Centre Chiefs Trust, went to court to seek legal intervention over control of the team.

The Society does not want the management of the Trust to control and run the team on a daily basis on grounds that it is in contempt of the Registrar of Societies because it (Trust) has not submitted annual returns.

Chairperson of the Mochudi Centre Chiefs Society, Ramocha Tsie, said they had approached the court to give guidance on the way forward to bring the matter to a close so that the team does not stuffer further due to the impasse.

 Tsie denied that there was a court order that had instructed them to do certain things together. His counterpart Raymond Tsheko, for the Mochudi Centre Chiefs Trust, said they had the court order that they were to follow.  

“We have drafted the agreement but we have not seen the court order they are talking about,” Tsie disputed.

However, both Tsie and Tsheko consent on the settlement agreement that was drafted. According to both parties they have agreed to form an interim management committee comprising of three members from each side plus three elders. The committee is to convene an elective Annual General Meeting by or before August 31, 2017. 

The committee is to review the constitution of the Society and draft the new one that will be presented to members during the AGM.

According to Tsheko’s knowledge, the committee was supposed to have been long operational but it has been delayed by things beyond their control which he refused to share.

“We have never disputed the court order and we have been ready to do what the court ordered them to do,” Tsheko said.

Tsheko explained that they had appeared before Judge Tau in Lobatse on February 22 and that was when the settlement agreement they have entered into with the Society was endorsed.  

“If there is court order they must come to us so that we start working. Otherwise they are delaying us because we need to progress on what was agreed. The Society cannot work on the draft agreement we have entered into with the Trust because the court has the power to change it but if it is approved we have to start working,” Tsie said.


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