Sunday, July 3, 2022

People who claim to know it all can be unbearable

Have you ever come across people who claim they know it all? People who are extremely opinionated and who tend to think they are right about everything. People who have unquestionable belief in their own perfection, superiority and greatness. We have such people at work, school, at home and in our day to day activities.

A know-it-all is someone who professes to be knowledgeable when, in fact, they know very little, if anything at all. These people usually possess an aura of personal authority, a sense of power and a tone of absolute certainty. They have no time to listen to other people’s ideas; they are set on transmitting information rather than receiving input.

We encounter such people at the work place. Some of our bosses are control freaks who think they know it all. Every time they open their mouths there is never a word of praise for evident accomplishments in the office. It is constant criticism on everything.

These know it all bosses are very good at verbal attacks, which at times pressure the employees not to co-operate at work. They create an intimidating workplace. This attitude can stifle communication, thereby impacting negatively on innovation and efficiency in the company.

Some workmates are difficult to work with; their attitude makes them override others. They see themselves as very superior to other workers. If they are working on a project, at times they do not even co-operate with others. They think they know it all and can handle it better. They are good at crushing other people’s ideas and they have no time to listen to what others have to say.

Even at home, we have husbands who feel superior to their wives. There are so many husbands who view their wives as unthinking, who always make decisions alone without even consulting their wives. They have their own way in everything. This kind of attitude does not encourage closeness and desire in a relationship.

This know-it-all attitude has forced many women to be unfaithful to their marriage vows. They end up seeking comfort from men who have time to listen to their views and consider them.

One lady told us that “a know it all husband is imposing, boring, and at times he makes you feel like an idiot in the house”.

People of this caliber are in a world of their own where no one can reach. They always have an opinion on everything regardless of whether they actually know anything about the subject or not. They want to take all the credit. They are so greedy that they can take other people’s ideas on board and claim them as their own.

Sometimes they actually close their eyes to other people’s ideas and say everyone knows it. They never admit to being wrong or to making mistakes. They reject anything that challenges or that does not feed their ego or agree with their view of themselves as superior, to them that is automatically wrong and worthless.

It’s not that all the time that such people don’t know. The people who know it all are very inquisitive. When they crush other people’s ideas or views it is because they pretend to know more.

I’m made to believe that people who claim they know it all are actually compensating for their low self esteem. They think that by bullying others they can take the focus away from their personal shortcomings, insecurities, disabilities and fears.

Some men use verbal force and violence to remind their wives that they are beneath them and should be subservient. This show of force keeps the wife away, such that she cannot even stand up and point out the husband’s mistakes and weaknesses. The use of force shows that he is not man enough.

Because of the fact that they do not even have time to listen to other people’s ideas and views, their attitude can actually damage other people’s self esteem. They end up not having confidence in what they say. They end up thinking they are not worthwhile.

People who claim they know it all will always be there even though they annoy us. To avoid conflicts when dealing with these people, at times you need to be understanding. Have time to listen to what they say and try to be patient with them even though they are annoying. At the same time it’s also good to ignore them and talk to them when necessary. When dealing with a know-it-all it’s wise to be assertive and sturdy in your own statements about what you know. At the end, they will realize that you are expert of the subject matter.


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