Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Personal trainer cautions against exercising in hot weather

Personal Trainer Marina Koboyame has cautioned against exercising in hot weather, saying it could have fatal repercussions. She said training in hot weather can increase stress levels in the body; adding that the recent high temperatures have caused her to rethink her training schedule.

“I urge people who workout outdoors to not even think about braving the midday heat because the aftermath could be fatal,” said Koboyame. 

She said the best time to work out during these hot summer days is very early in the morning before the sun rises.

“As soon as the sun rises it’s advisable to take cover under a shade. Evenings are also better since there is no direct sunlight, but they are also relatively hot compared to mornings, which could be dangerous,” she said.

She advised those who work out in the evenings to start off at a slow pace to allow their bodies to adapt to the evening heat before picking up the pace. As an alternative, Koboyame recommended swimming or aqua aerobics as the perfect day time and evening workouts.

“It’s worth noting that in hot weather our bodies are very prone to dehydration. Sweating, breathing and elimination of waste leaks about 10 cups of water from our bodies,” warned Koboyame.

She also encouraged those who exercise to take lots of water and avoid energy drinks because their high caloric content is not needed in hot weather. Koboyame also encouraged trainers to invest in simple heart rate monitors that will help them keep track of their heart rate. She said the need to wear the appropriate training gear cannot be overemphasised, adding that sweaters and heavy clothes should not be worn in hot weather.

“The lighter the better; light in colour as well as material. Note that dark colours will only absorb more heat,” she said.

“Watch for signs of heat related illnesses such as fatigue, muscle cramps, excessive sweating, low blood pressure, increased heart rate, visual problems and so on. If you get any of these, stop exercising immediately and seek medical help.”

Koboyame said it’s important to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and avoid substance abuse. 

“Understand your fitness level and keep away from the midday sun. Remain as active as possible because that will help maintain energy. But do enjoy the workout and the great outdoors,” she said.


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