Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Phase 1 of iTowers nears completion

Gaborone’s skyline will soon get a facelift.

Earlier in the new millennium, the idea of the iTowers, a multi million Pula landmark development that would combine residential, commercial, leisure and retail space in Gaborone (the first of its kind in the city), was born.

Set in the heart of the new CBD, the iTowers, when fully functional, will comprise two towers and a hub that will include a gym, among other services, positioned between the towers.

With Phase One of the iTowers, the North Tower, well on its way to completion, it will stand at a staggering 19 stories once fully built. This tower, which will predominantly house office and retail space, rises above the city’s horizon, visible from all corners of Gaborone; dwarfing its nearest competitors in height by a fair margin.

And things are only about to get better, because its sister building, the 26 storey South Tower, will soon dominate the city’s skies too. Phase Two of the iTowers, the South Tower, will be Botswana’s tallest ever building once completed in 2014.

A milestone development by all standards, it will principally serve as the residential tower, with only the ground and first floors devoted to retail space. Beneath the ground are two floors of parking, with residents given the option of either purchasing or renting parking bays.

Because of the tower’s central positioning within Gaborone, its residents will be guaranteed convenience on a scale unmatched by any other residential development in the city. Its prime location will give all residents access to nearly all desired services and amenities; most of them within walking distance and within the development itself.

With a Sky Bar on the 19th floor of the North Tower, an art gallery in its main lobby, and laundry services availed for all residents, just to mention a few of these services. The iTowers are truly a place for work and play, all day every day. Splendid and magnificent in all senses, they promise to mesmerize visitors with their majestic beauty and captivate occupants with their unparalleled comfort; catering for their every need as intended by their developers.

Convenience to residents is of paramount importance to the success of the iTowers. It’s an investment opportunity of a lifetime. Each apartment in the South Tower will have an intercom, and all visitors will have to be acknowledged by residents upon entry.

The South Tower will be a true testament to the essential convenience of inner city living, and intends to fulfill one’s desires of access to multiple attractions within the same space; creating an urban lifestyle within Gaborone; a lifestyle synonymous with success and advancement.


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