Thursday, June 13, 2024

PHK joins fray over Motswaledi report

The Vice President, Ponatshego Kedikilwe challenged Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) to produce a report on the late Gomolemo Motswaledi’s accident that claimed his life or pay back the contributions that Batswana made prior to investigations into the accident.

The Vice President was speaking at the launch of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) hopeful candidate for Gaborone Central Constituency, Reverend Rupert Hambira at the weekend.

Kedikilwe said the UDC must not hide behind the finger and attack members of the BDP whenever they are being questioned about the report.

“They attack the members of the BDP whenever they are being questioned about the report; they forget that not only members of the BDP contributed money for the investigation into Motswaledi’s accident. Majority of Batswana also contributed their money into the investigation of Motswaledi’s accident therefore the UDC must produce that report or pay back Batswana their money. Batswana are the ones who want the report not the BDP members” he said.

As he asked the crowd whether they contributed their money into the investigation on the accident that claimed Motswaledi’s life and they replied “NO”; the Vice President said UDC should stop beating around the bushes and make it appear as if only members of the BDP are after this issue, “NO, it is not members of the BDP, it is Batswana who contributed their money,” he said.

On other issues Kedikilwe urged the electorate to vote in large numbers to end the perception that Batswana were losing interest and trust in the ruling BDP. “I am asking you to vote for the ruling BDP. Having voted for the ruling BDP, you must know that you have voted Khama into power and you have ended perception that Batswana have lost hope on your party, the BDP,” he said.

He also emphasized that members of the ruling BDP must respect their own party. “It seems like some of you are hiding when we are being attacked all over. We have to be proud of our party because it is our life; we have to stand for our party at all times and make sure it remains in power because it is the only party that stands for the interest of Batswana,” he said.

For his part Hambira said the main mandate of his part was to create new jobs for the youth. “Gaborone central is the area where most of institutions are located. We have University of Botswana and we understand issues on the students’ welfare. We know about issues concerning their allowances. We are determined to help improve the livelihood of the students of the University of Botswana,” he said.


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