Saturday, March 25, 2023

Phomolo Nkwe’s Lingerie line impresses

Although she is new to the fashion game, Phomolo Nkwe is confident that her lingerie line will take the country by storm. She states that she is aware of the fact that Batswana are secretive when it comes to matters that deal with under wear clothing. She however believes it’s high time lingerie wear is given the respect it deserves. ??”I was inspired to do lingerie and swim wear clothing line after my recent visit to one of the department stores where I purchased lingerie wear which was said to be my size. I was surprised when i got home and realised that it did not fit,” she said.

??This somehow made Nkwe realise that the only way she can have lingerie that fits her perfectly is if she designs one herself.??”I also realised that some lingerie after being washed lose their original colour, all this depresses not only me but other women out there. So, i saw it fit to try better this problem by introducing a lingerie wear line,” she said.??Nkwe explained that she has always had an eye for fashion as she likes looking good herself. She added that as a designer, one should be the face of their line so that people see from them that they can trust those designs.

“I believe my customers should see me first living the talk, which is to say, they should see me first looking beautiful in my lingerie designs before they can consider buying. That is why I always make sure I wear my designs,” she said.??The 25-year-old was launching her brand ‘Sesso’ this past weekend with a lingerie and swim wear fashion show hosted at Oasis motel. The event that managed to attract many people proved to be a success as Nkwe explained that everything went according to plan.??Nkwe explained that Sesso is an Italian word for sex so she saw it fitting to name her collection Sesso as its underwear. “I chose lingerie and swim wear because it is not done in Botswana. I want to help men and women in my country to know that being modest doesn’t take us anyway but most importantly that the right lingerie will make you feel sexy and confident,” she said.??

She further added that her biggest aim is to provide Batswana women with comfortable and sexy lingerie and swim wear perfect for our silhouette, but at affordable prices.??”I believe a woman’s body should be celebrated and treasured. Ladies should feel good about themselves and in order to achieve that it all starts with wearing the right underwear and that’s where my line comes in,” she said.??Nkwe continued that her collection is mainly for women who know their worth as ladies, that is to say, ladies who are ready to take over the world. She emphasised that she is focusing on ladies who understand that beauty is hard work and has to be given lots of attention.??

Although Nkwe’s designs at the moment are only for women, she added that she will soon be designing for men too as soon as her finances come together.??”The reception I got at the show motivated me to even expand my brand to design for men as many of them came and asked me why I had not included them. So because people loved what they saw, I will make sure I include both parties on my next line,” she said.


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