Sunday, May 22, 2022

Plans to purge Kgosi’s investigators – claim

Fresh information has emerged that the Directorate of Public prosecutions is under pressure not to prosecute Directorate of Intelligence Services Director General, Isaac Kgosi and that instead there is a move to purge Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) agents who investigated him.


Although DCEC Director General, Rose Seretse had initially denied that Kgosi threatened DCEC agents who investigated him, fresh information has come up revealing how the DISS boss threatened to “deal with” his investigators.


According to a statement by DCEC assistant Director, Eugene Wasetso, on Thursday 8th March 2012, the DCEC received information that “in an effort to interfere and destroy evidence” in an investigation against Kgosi,” some DISS agents loaded the spy organisation’s truck with official files and headed to the DISS firing range to have the files destroyed.


Wasetso states that he mobilised a team of DCEC officers and asked for help from traffic police to stop the truck. “At about 10:00 hours we saw the truck registered B865AJG, a white UD Nissan white in colour moving along Mogoditshane ÔÇô Mestsimotlhabe road and a traffic officer was asked to stop it which he did after the SSK Barracks towards Metsimotlhabe.””


When quizzed by the DCEC investigators, the DISS agents called in the DISS records manager, a Mr. Mbakile who then called Kgosi. “During the course of their conversation; Mr. Mbakile told me that Mr Kgosi would like to talk to me. Mbakile gave me his mobile phone and I spoke to Mr Isaac Kgosi who asked me what was going on. I explained to him that we have impounded his DISS truck on suspicion that he was ferrying official files that we are looking for and that we shall be driving the truck to DCEC offices for search. Mr. Kgosi then told me that I should get the truck back to DISS Headquarters or else he was “going to deal with me.”I asked Mr. Kgosi if he was threatening me but he did not respond and just repeated that he will deal with me.


Wasetso also revealed how they were tailed by DISS agents during the course of their investigations. On Wednesday 17th March 2012 we went to serve notices at PPADB. As we were driving into the PPADB compound we saw one DISS officer Mr Mogapatona leaving. Mr Mogapatona is one of the suspects in the matter. We didn’t ascertain what he wanted but we suspected that he wanted information concerning this case.


On Friday 9th March 2012 we went to serve notice at Zebra Shipping. As we approached the Zebra Shipping compound, we saw a DISS vehicle; unfortunately we did not get the registration number, but identified one of the officers. They parked the vehicle opposite the entrance to Zebra Shipping. We proceeded and did not enter the compound but parked at a distance. We decided not to go to Zebra shipping but instead proceeded to PPADB. The lady we were supposed to see was still on sick leave. We left PPADB and joined the KFC main road, and saw the same DISS vehicle again. We decided to return to the office as we felt that we were trailed by the DISS and not protected, the coincidence is too much.


There are reports that there is a systematic move to purge DCEC officers who were involved in the investigations against Kgosi. Sunday Standard is informed that one of the officers has been called in for disciplinary hearing for alleged drunken driving. The Sunday Standard has also intercepted a DCEC internal memo suggesting a plan to cook the case. In the hand written memo, DCEC Senior Manager Corporate Services who is the complainant was asking the assistant Senior Director of Intelligence to meet the Chairperson of the disciplinary hearing, a Mr Maripe to make arrangements for the hearing, “and discuss the details of the case.”


Another DCEC investigator who was involved in the investigation against Kgosi was arrested outside a car dealership in Mogoditshane by a DISS team led by Head of Operations Lesego Tsholofelo. The DCEC agent was accused of soliciting a bribe from the motor dealer in exchange for stopping DCEC investigations against the Somali motor dealer, a Mr Mohamed. Sunday Standard, has however been able to establish that the DCEC has never launched an investigation against the motor dealer.


Highly placed sources claim that there is pressure on the DPP not to prosecute Kgosi and there is a plan to delay taking Kgosi to court so that his case can be thrown out.


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