Saturday, December 3, 2022

Plot numbers prove a challenge for door-step delivery of mail

The use of the plot number system in Botswana will make it difficult for the planned doorstep delivery of mail project, Botswana Post revealed.

BP reports to be looking into a system they can use to identify homes of their customers without necessarily using the plot number system.

Botswana is currently the sole country in the Southern African Development Committee (SADC) that is yet to have a system where mail is delivered at the doorstep of customers in both urban and rural settlements. According to Pele Molema, Chief executive of BP, the process will facilitate efficient delivery of mail to the customer.

Molema said that their plan to deliver mail at the doorstep moves the company closer to the international norm.

“To survive, one has to use cheaper and easier ways to attract the customer,” said Molema.
Plot number is used as an individual reference number to identify who the land belongs to; it’s usually used on state land.

Research has in the past revealed that the plan of the developing Gaborone, which is mostly modern, makes it difficult to find houses of the same axis at one swop. Whereas in villages, there is a lack of referencing or plot numbering, while in some cases plots do not have proper individual plot numbers.

Often times, old plots do not have plot numbers, which makes this difficult for such places to be located. Information found by this paper reveals that there currently exists no system for filing addresses in the country.

Street addresses exist, but there are in no way linked to the plot and the connected houses, therefore making it hard for one to find the place they are trying to locate.

BP’s decision to deliver mail to the customer’s doorstep therefore comes as a welcome development as it’s convenient to the customer.

A majority of customers interviewed by this paper have expressed disdain at commuting to the mall everytime they want to check their mail. In an era where responses are quicker and cheaper through emails or texts, the doorstep delivery is said to be keeping the mail industry afloat in countries that have already adopted the procedure.

For BP, this development could also set them apart from the increasing competition they have in other courier companies.


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