Sunday, December 10, 2023

Police Chief roots for corporal punishment to fight youth deliquency

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Support services) Tapudzani Gabolekwe says he finds no problem in supporting the use of corporal punishment, considering the many reported cases of wayward behavior amongst the youth. 

He said there is urgent need to help restore order in Maun and surrounding areas, more so that December is the busiest as well as the most sensitive time of the year, with high numbers of people visiting at this time of the year.

He applauded Maun residents for their commitment in assisting the police and other law enforcement organs in crime reduction, adding that through these partnerships there is still need to continuously nurture and strengthen the relationship in order to remain relevant and effective.

Speaking at the official launch of the No: 5 District campaign on crime and road traffic accidents in Maun recently, Gabolekwe said there is urgent need for youth to be shown the importance of adhering to laid down laws as well as the consequences they may face for ignoring the law. 

And for the fact that Maun is a tourism area, he said there is serious need for an unruffled environment so that tourists may have reason to come back. However he promised a considerable improvement on police visibility as well as an improvement on response time from members of Botswana Police Service during this time and beyond. Gabolekwe further noted that criminals are part of the society, hence they have full knowledge of their surroundings as much as any other person. 

“They are fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the communities they live in, and as such it becomes easier for them to identify and victimize their unsuspecting targets”.

“We are also worried about organized crimes such as drug trafficking, cyber crime and poaching in this area. The consumption of dagga has also become a daily phenomenon. Wildlife poaching is also on the rise, with elephants being the most targeted species for their ivory. All these are committed by locals in collaboration with foreign nationals, and so we want to put an abrupt stop at this”, said Gabolekwe

Also speaking at the launch was Assistant Commissioner of Police, (Divisional Commander North) Dinah Marathe who stated that a decision was taken to launch the campaign in Maun after the realization that being one of the busiest places, more especially as the festive season approaches, the tourism town is the most affected in terms of crime related issues. 

She noted that the most worrying are murder cases which are on the increase. 

“We have since established that stock theft, murder and road accidents have increased and this is quite disturbing. From January to date there have been twenty nine recorded deaths resulting from road accidents only as compared to the seventeen recorded the previous year. The number of rape cases has also gone up, which therefore calls for concerted efforts to help strengthen public education so that there may be a reduction of all these”, she said.

Meanwhile Maun Station Commander Superintendent Motlhaba Ramaabya said a 32 year old woman of Shorobe is assisting with investigations, following the death of another woman who is believed to have been murdered by the suspected woman. She will be arraigned at Maun Magistrates court this week. A 26 year old man was also found hanging from a tree at Matlapana ward and investigations continue.


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