Monday, July 4, 2022

Police introduce mobile alcohol testing vehicles

The Botswana police are in the process of purchasing specialized mobile alcohol testing vehicles, which have been given the name booze buses.

The mobile testing vehicles will cost government millions of Pulas, and are expected to enhance alcohol testing as tests will be done on the spot.

The Deputy Director of the Traffic Department, Assistant Commissioner Katlholo Mosimanegape said the buses will be deployed on all the major roads in Botswana.

“We are worried about the escalating cases of drunken driving, and we expect these mobile units to reduce road accidents caused by alcohol consumption,” he said.

The vehicles are expected to be delivered by August this year.

Because of financial constraints, the vehicles will only be deployed along the A1 and A2 roads.

“The booze buses will assist us to reduce the time wasted when we have to transport drivers to police stations for sobriety tests, as tests will now be done on the spot,” said Mosimanegape.

Last year, the police recorded around 20 000 road accidents in which 400 people lost their lives. To date, 111 people have already lost their lives due to road accidents.


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