Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Police picking up human fetuses around town

Central police Station officers are investigating human fetuses which have been picked up on the streets on separate days this week. The Station Commander for Central Police Station, Superintendent Kevin Mookodi, indicated that police had picked up one fetus next to Princess Marina Hospital while the other one was found at the Segoditshane River.

The last reported fetus was found by a Gaborone City Council man who was picking up litter in front of the Extension Two Clinic on Thursday afternoon.

It was found in a bush covered in something like a blanket.

A security woman, who refused to disclose her names but who works around the Extension 2 Clinic was among those who gathered to see the fetus.

She said that the man who discovered the fetus informed the police in the morning but it took the whole day for the police to come. She suggested that maybe the police are getting tired of such reports because they had picked up another one the morning of the day before.

She went on to say that some, which people believe to have been twins, had also been found again around the Extension 2 area, allegations that Superintendent Mookodi said he was not aware of.
Curious people gathered to witness the grisly findings, saying these acts were possibly being committed by foreigners.

Mookodi, however, stated that this might be done by women suffering from stress, having been dumped by boyfriends or by those experiencing poverty and lacking resources.

Mookodi said, to their knowledge, women do this without the knowledge of the fathers.

“People who do this usually dump the fetuses where they know people would find them or dump them near health facilities,” he said, adding that the Government is the one that is burdened with the costs since the fetuses will be kept at Princess Marina Hospital until burial, which can only be done after investigations have been carried out.

The fetus, estimated to have been 6 months old, was taken away by the police officers.
Mookodi appealed to the public to report any such suspects.

Police have not made any arrests in these cases.


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