Thursday, March 4, 2021

Police probe deaths of three toddlers who perished in fire

Good Hope police are trying to piece together evidence that could establish what led to the deaths of three toddlers who died after the house they were in caught fire.   

The station commander of Good Hope superintendent Thapelo Ngiye said his station is investigating a case in which three toddlers aged between one and two died after the house they were in caught fire.

He explained that at around eight in the morning last Friday they received a call that a house caught fire in Gamajaalela village just a few kilometers from Good Hope. He said they rushed to the crime scene and found that a hut had caught fire.

Ngiye said the investigations are still at the initial stage and they have not yet established what could have sparked the fire.

“Once the investigations are complete we will be in a better position to reveal what led to the deaths of the three toddlers,” he said.
Ngiye indicated that as far has he recalls, this is the second such related incident where a baby died inside a burning house.
He called on parents to take care extra care of their children.

The headman of records Phatsimo Mahalelo of Gamajaalela village said: “It is true that three toddlers died last Friday morning due to fire.”

According to the information that he received, the three toddlers were playing together and one of the elders warned the children that they should stop playing with fire and ordered them to go to the hut.

He said the children then went to the hut and the elder also went to the near-by yard.

He pointed out that children were not alone in the yard as their grandmother was sleeping in another house.

“Soon after a crowd of people came running as they saw at a distance a thick smoke coming from the hut that the toddlers were in.”
Mahalelo said the crowd tried their best to rescue the children as well as the goods from the raging blaze but their efforts were unsuccessful.

He also shared the same sentiments with Ngiye that parents should look after their children.


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