Thursday, April 18, 2024

Police push back accusations of protecting a murderer

An American national, Alan Smith, whose three year old son was allegedly butchered to death early this year, has expressed outrage at the murder suspect who he says is threatening him while out on bail.

Tlokweng police station commander superintendent, Robson Maleka, said “as you might be aware, early this year a three year boy was allegedly murdered by her mother in which the mother was arrested after handing herself to the police.“

He said at this juncture police investigations are almost complete but they are awaiting a psychiatric report which is “critical” to the case.

However, he says it is unfortunate that the father of the deceased is not cooperating with the police and condemned such behaviour.

Maleka also refuted allegations against the police saying it is totally not true that the police were careless with the investigations.

He added that each and every case that is reported to the police is investigated thoroughly and diligently.

Speaking to this publication, Smith said his life is being threatened by the suspect who is out on bail.

He explained that the suspect was once his lover and they had a child together who was allegedly murdered early this year for no apparent reason.

He added that the suspect posts strange things on Facebook which now puts him under threat as well as those who live around him.

“This is very scary and the police need to do something about it before one gets hurt,” he said. 

He stated that he is disappointed about the way the police are handling the case as well as how they have handled him as an individual.

He said what really broke his heart is the fact that he was officially informed about the gruesome death of his son after sixteen hours which he believes was uncalled for. 

He also said the police decided not to update him about the progress of the case and they failed to tell when the suspect was arraigned before the extension 2 court in Gaborone.

“What do they take me for,” he asked?

He indicated that he has informed the US embassy in Gaborone about the case in which the embassy will intervene when necessary.  

“At the end of the day I want justice to prevail even though that would not bring back my old miracle child back,” he says

Meanwhile Mmapula Katse also indicated that she is being threatened by the suspect as she fears that the suspect might attack his family.

She revealed that the alleged suspect felt that she might have betrayed her somehow and she might revenge somehow.


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