Thursday, February 29, 2024

Police stumble on defiler during drugs raid

A recent police raid in Gaborone West saw the infamous Michael Mako being nailed for defilement.

He is currently on bail.

Information passed to the Sunday Standard reveals that the police were allegedly on a drug busting exercise on their usual suspects when they allegedly stumbled on Mako in a compromising position with a minor.

No drugs were found but a charge of defilement was instituted nonetheless as the police took him into custody.
The minor is reported to be a student within one of the community junior schools within Gaborone.

Some might remember Michael Mako as one of the men who were involved in a kidnapping case in 2002.

The case had been the first of its kind in Botswana and had, therefore, attracted quite large coverage from the media.

Mako and three others, Boitshoko Kenosi, Charles Gabaeme and Innocent Gabaeme, were all suspects in the kidnapping of the then Specially Elected Member of Parliament, Satar Dada’s grandson.

The men had allegedly threatened to harm the child unless Dada deposited 200 000 US dollars and 100 000 British pounds into bank accounts in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Mako was later acquitted by the High Court.

The suspects were also alleged to have been involved in an incident where one Imraan Sardar was robbed of P200 in cash and P3000 which was withdrawn from an auto teller machine.

Gaborone West Station Commander, Bonnie Bareki, said that the accused hasn’t appeared before court as of yet.


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