Saturday, June 22, 2024

Police warn “couples” who frequent vicinity of Gaborone Dam

Police have expressed concern over the increasing number of people being attacked at the Gaborone Dam site.

The Station Commander of Old Naledi police, Superintendent Titus Molatlhwa, said that since January this year, they have received 20 reported cases of armed robbery and a single case in which the robbers were not armed.

“Most people are robbed while at the site of the Gaborone Dam and it is often people who seem to be couples (man and a woman),” said Molatlhwa. He further stated that most of the incidents occur during the hours between 12 noon and 3pm.

Molatlhwa said there are so many routes that go into the bushy area and some mischievous people take advantage of the bushy area and hide there to waylay their victims.

He said that most victims claim that they had bought takeaways for lunch and decided to have their lunch in the dam vicinity where they get attacked.

Some, he said, say they had gone there to relax and to get some fresh air and end up being attacked.
Molatlhwa revealed that they had not yet arrested anyone but, upon investigating, found utensils, blankets and containers that indicated that the culprits may actually be staying there.

The Station Commander said the culprits just go up the mountain and watch couples arriving and see where they settle then go and attack them.

He said victims are usually beaten and have their car keys taken while suspects take either money or cell phones.

“It becomes difficult to undertake investigations because the attacked people do not want to disclose that they may have gone there with cheating partners therefore would not want the issue taken any further, in case it filters through to their real spouses.

“Some cases go unreported because people are afraid to have the issue heard at home,” said Molatlhwa.

He further said they have tried warning people with some billboards but added that they do not know who removes the billboards.

Molatlhwa advices the public to go to recreation centers for refreshing or lunches where security is available.


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