Monday, May 20, 2024

Police widen net on business killers

Police in Gaborone West are appealing to the members of the public to assist them with information that could lead to the arrest of unknown assailants that shot dead Jinesh Naik aged 25 in Block 6 more than two weeks ago.

It is understood that Block 6 attracts criminals as it is a middle high income and plush location.

Reports from Gaborone West suggest that police have assembled a team of detectives from various police stations to try and establish the circumstances that have led to the death of the deceased. There are some claims that the deceased might have been gunned down after business deals went wrong.

It is reported that the police have questioned a good number of people that were last seen with deceased who were later released including his business rivals.

The suspects have left no piece of evidence behind at the crime scene that could have assisted the police in their investigations.    

 Interviewed by The Telegraph this week the station commander of Gaborone West Superintendent Howard Modo said they have no leads to the whereabouts of the suspects who are alleged to have shot dead a 25 year old man recently in Block 6.

“At this moment we do not have any clue to the whereabouts of the alleged suspects and this frustrates,” he said.

Modo said so far they are looking for about three men who are linked to the deceased’s death. He said detectives are busy on the ground to follow all possible leads that may bring the perpetrators to book even though is not that easy.

“As the police we strongly believe that someone somewhere might have the knowledge or seen what transpired and that person if he or she comes fourth that will speed up our investigations,” he said.

Modo stated that the preliminary investigation have suggested that the incident was purely robbery.

“So far our investigations have not yet suggested whether the shooting was triggered by dirty deals that might have gone wrong,”   said Modo.

 He indicated that Block 6 location somehow attracts criminals because it is a well developed middle high income residential area.

He urged the public to desist from the tendency of banking huge amounts of money in homes as that puts their lives at risks.


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