Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Political funding: opposition dismisses Mogae’s justification

Opposition parties have strongly condemned former President Festus Mogae’s explanation that he failed to introduce political funding during his tenure since he was an economist at the time.

Mogae told the just ended Global Commission on Elections, Democracy and Security report launch that there is need to adopt some of the recommendations such as political funding.

In his response to The Telegraph, the former president stated that he was unable to introduce political party funding during his tenure because he was an economist.

Mogae stated that he has since grown up to the view that that there is need for political funding to level the playing field.

Botswana Movement for Democracy Secretary General, Winter Mmolotsi, says Mogae should have known as an economist that in the absence of the political funding, the playing field was not level.

Mmolotsi was of the view that, as an economist, the former president could have known that in the absence of political funding the ruling party was using state resources alone.

“You can imagine if there is instability in the country as a result of the playing field which was leveled and the cost of repairing the damages is more expensive than when the political party existed. I believe that, as an economist, he could have understood that political funding was important,” added Mmolotsi.

He said that even now he still is an economist and he sees sense in political funding.
Mmolotsi pointed out that the former president was in a position to move forward and introduce political funding since he was aware that opposition parties were always complaining about the misuse of state resources by the BDP.

Meanwhile, the Botswana Congress Party Publicity Secretary, Taolo Lucas, says that they were surprised that Mogae had been a politician who failed to introduce funding since he feared that he would lose elections.

Lucas also called on Mogae to advise the Botswana Democratic Party to introduce political funding since he was a member of the central committee. Lucas stated that Mogae should tell other BDP members and stop calling for political funding just because he wants to make a name for himself.

Lucas was surprised that Mogae claims that he was unable to introduce political funding because he was an economist.

“He was a politician for ten years while he was a president. How possible is it that he is not aware that political funding is important to level the playing field” asked Lucas.


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