Monday, May 16, 2022

Poor etiquette from Trekkers Night Club Employees

With the ailing local night time entertainment, one may reckon that those who are in it for the money will put in a little bit more effort in ensuring that patrons are treated well, secure and most importantly have a good time, which apparently is not a priority for some of the employees at Trekkers Night Club.

Very few people like unnecessary attention drawn towards them especially in a crowded public place. Unless you are a compulsive attention seeker, you tend to avoid altercations with security and management in such areas.

A typical Thursday evening includes having an after work cold one before deciding with your mates how the night is going to proceed since it is considered to be an interlude to the impending weekend. After deciding on the spot for that evening, chanting the evening away in good company over cool drinks, our rendezvous led a friend and I to the (in) famous Trekkers night club located in Mogoditshane.

Upon arrival we were requested a P30 cover charge each which we obliged, but somewhere between the ticket collector and the club entrance we decided otherwise and calmly approached the lady who had collected our tickets and politely asked for a refund since we did not even enter the club.

With a scrunched up nose and a frowning forehead, the lady asked us if we had handed over any money to her and sent us to the lady who had sold us the tickets who sent us back to the ticket collecting lady. We engaged in this back and forth mantra until we requested to speak to the manager. The ticket lady who then identified herself as ‘Tlhogo’ sent us outside to speak to a gentleman named Gift, who according to the night watchman was away from the premises. This was when we sought the second in command and we were referred back to ‘Tlhogo’ who nonchalantly told us to find a pen and paper and write our complaints and leave them there.

To add insult to injury she sent one of their regulars our way, a burly man with a mouth dirtier than a sailor’s throwing accusations coupled with threats and insults, accusing us of being government agents who have come to the premises to close them down. Amidst this tyranny, Gift came to our rescue providing a little bit of sanity only temporarily though. He politely indicated that we indeed deserved a refund and that he would speak to his colleague whom he told us in fact that her name was Gladys.

We waited for the return of Gift not knowing that a huge argument had ensued between Gladys and Gift which went on for a good hour and a half while we waited outside the now closed and deserted night club. When Gift finally showed his face he explained that Gladys had been unapologetic and that if we wanted to we could take it up further with the police.

The owner of Trekkers, Tops Masole was however in utter dismay when this story was narrated to him. He firstly apologised profusely for the behaviuor displayed by Gladys and promised that he would demand an apology from her towards us. Masole further stated that it was hard to find good help nowadays and that he had only been away for a short while on other club business.

Batswana work long, hard and tedious hours and should not have to endure delinquent treatment from service providers, especially for services that pay for. This Trekkers incident is not an isolated incident, it’s just that most of them go unreported and Batswana being a peace loving nation live by the statement ‘Go tla siama.’


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