Saturday, May 25, 2024

Pop Star Botswana finals scheduled for next week!

They’ve come down from so many and now they are down to only three contestants.

This week’s Pop Stars Botswana was by far the most interesting and eye catching of them all. Unlike the usual episodes, this week we saw two of our wannabe pop stars being eliminated from the running of becoming Botswana’s first ever Pop Star. In the elimination poll again this week was the ever hyped Thandie, Gorata and, believe it or not, the ladies man for the first time ever, Smarh. But this time around, Gorata was not as lucky as she has been over the past weeks as we saw her bowing out alongside Thandie to pave way for our top three contestants: Kabo, Tshepo and, of course, Smarh. Before the elimination, each of the judges were given a chance to comment on their thoughts and views, and one that seemed to earn the audiences ears was that of Dj Sid when he sadly mentioned that the contestant that he voted for was one who showed more hunger of the five.

“We’ve had the greatest moments with all of you, but sadly we have to say goodbye to two of you tonight,” he said.

Each of the top three contestants was this week required to sing three songs instead of the usual two. First was an international song, followed by a local song produced by Pop Star management and, lastly, a given rhythm in which the contestants were required to gather up their own beats. First to serenade the audience was wheelchair bound Kabo who blew the audience away with a Backstreet Boys tune. The young man, who has been in the music industry for some time, surely has great potential.

“You’ve had the biggest pressure amongst all the contestants and you surely deliver your work pretty well,” stressed Dj Sid. Alongside him was Ruth Moore who explained that Kabo had clearly made his mark and that he surely meant business indeed.

Tshepo also came back with a massive bang as she proved that her voice is indeed the greatest of them all. The 19-year-old lady had total control of her voice this time around and indeed the judges were impressed with her performance.

Once again, it was a lovely end to a lovely night, as the ladies’ man, Smarh, conquered the audience with his dance moves.

“This is indeed the beginning of a talent in the making,” said Dj Sid. He also mentioned that although Smarh is not the best when it comes to the vocal part of things, he surely does give the others a run for their money when it comes to grabbing the audience’s attention; and there is no other truth than this. The brother surely knows what he wants out of this competition. Just a week left before the crowning of our very own Pop Star Botswana, and the question on everyone’s lips is: “Who’s it going to be?”

I know the answer; it’s going to be Smarh, Kabo or Tshepo.

Be sure not to miss the big event at Boipuso Hall this coming Friday to witness the Grand Finale.
See you there!


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