Monday, August 15, 2022

Posh Angels spread Valentine’s love at Game City

Entertainment group and model agency, Posh, changed Valentine’s Day for many who were set to spend the day without a Valentine date, let alone receive messages of love, by making sure love was in the air at Game City on Tuesday.

Under the theme “Posh Angels”, the models gave away free Valentine gifts to shoppers. The models descended from escalators as if they were coming from the heavens to meet Game City customers with gifts, courtesy of Turnstar.

A recipient of a rose from one of the Posh Angels, Thabo Sekau, said he was pleasantly surprised by his stroke of luck as he was not even intending to head to Game City but was forced to run an errand.

“Well, the ladies looked stunning but I must admit it was a shock to see these beautiful ladies great me with flowers,” he said.

Posh Director, Pony Poomore, explained why people were impressed with his models, explaining that Posh Entertainment is only searching for the cream of the crop when it comes to their models.

“Posh Entertainment is looking for only the best; it’s a high-end brand that will take Batswana to another level as we continue to develop these girls into professional models,” Poomore asserted.

He encouraged more girls to try out his model agency and not be deterred by the level of competition.

“We always scout and we use social networks such as Facebook and even our own website to find models,” he said.

The main attraction was the ‘Godessy Angel’ who was dressed in white wings and had a mask on to accentuate her beauty above the rest of the angels. Poomore underlined the fact that Posh Clothing dressed his models and said it was testament to the brand that he is building.

“People enjoyed love for free and that is what counts. A lot of hard work went into the event but it was worth it is rewarding, the future is bright,” he said.

Poomore stated that his Posh Model of the Year competition that he will introduce later in the year will hopefully propel winners to modeling jobs overseas.


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