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PPC Botswana’s ‘King of the Hill’ contest slated for weekend

A local cement manufacturing company, PPC Botswana (PTY) Ltd, is sponsoring a 15km up Kgale Hill race, popularly known as PPC King of the Hill, which is scheduled for this coming Sunday 31st May, 2009.

The competition is expected to attract more than 300 participants from around the country.

The race, which is organized by the Gaborone Runners Club (GRC), will start at 7 o’clock in the morning at the PPC B Head Office in the Gaborone West Industrial site, then past the Game City main entrance and then up the Kgale Quarry road.

Athletes will then go through the quarry to the top of Kgale Hill, and then return to PPC B, completing a 15-kilometer distance.

Zambia Champi, GRC Coach, said that, in addition to the first prize of P1250, second of P650 and P340 for third Prize, winners in both the Men and Women’s categories, there will be the King of the Hill winner. “Whilst the number one winner generally means the first to cross the finishing line, the King of the Hill refers to the one who will reach the top of the hill first, regardless of whether he also scoops any other positions in relation to the finishing line,” said Champi.

To give significance to the name of the race, the King of the Hill is assured a salivating P1700 prize.

Other prizes, according to the organizers, include Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in all categories.
Among the Country’s top men’s athletes set to feature in the completion, which is otherwise open to the general public, are Ndabili Bashangili, Kaelo Mosalagae, and Kabo Gabaseme as well as James John.

From Zimbabwe, Champi indicated that they expected two course record holders, on men’s side, Louis Masunda, who set a 47 minute 32 seconds record in 2005, whereas in the women’s section, Samukeliso Moyo made it a 57 minutes and 8seconds record in 2000.

Champi pointed out that for those interested in participating in the race, entry forms will be availed at the National Stadium on Tuesday and Thursday this week, between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. for a nominal fee of only P25 per person. This goes up to 12 noon on Saturday.

“However, there is provision for P35 late registration fee,” said Champi.
Champi stated that the company considers the race as part of PPC B’s contribution to building a healthy nation through sports.

The King of the Hill race has been held under the PPC Botswana Sponsorship and coordinated by the GRC since 1998.


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