Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Presidential jet, helicopter consuming over P170 000 monthly

The Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Lesego Motsumi, has maintained that her government will stop at nothing to appease the President and his Vice by facilitating air travel, be it personal or campaigning for their ruling Botswana Democratic Party, despite the country’s ailing economy.

Khama and Merafhe spark heavy criticism from the opposition for using what they call “exorbitant amounts of public funds, hemorrhaging the country’s hard earned resources”.

Answering a question posed by Francistown South MP, Wynter Mmolotsi, minister Motsumi insisted she will continue to inject money to assist the two, regardless of the circumstances of the economy.

“Regardless of the economic crisis or whatever else, we will continue to spend on the flights for both the president and the vice president,” she confidently told the House on Wednesday.

On average, the government spends P 138, 543 a month on the presidential jet and helicopter.

“This expenditure is inclusive of both local and external travel,” Motsumi revealed, adding that “similarly, government spends P33, 203.98 per month on air transportation for the vice president”.

At a recent Tonota North constituency by-election, the legislator disclosed the costs of air travel for both the president and the vice president amounted to P150, 763.36, arguing “the provision for transport to both the president and the vice president is in accordance with the terms and conditions of their offices.”


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