Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Prostitution overwhelms Nata

Residents of Nata in the Central District are up in arms over growing prostitution in their village. So serious is the situation that the police and other law enforcement agents are planning to raid sex workers in the next coming weeks. Information passed to this publication indicates that both the tribal leaders and law enforcement agencies are mapping out a plan on how to raid sex workers in the area.

Prostitution activities are worsened by the huge number of heavy duty trucks that park around the village while on transit from Zambia, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo or South Africa. Villagers who are involved in such activities include primary and secondary students, drop outs as well as some government employees who claim that their salaries are very low and they want quick cash. Nata Subordinate Tribal Authority Rabagamang Rancholo told The Telegraph this week that the village has been hit by prostitution activities which have become a major concern.

“The worst thing of all is that even primary students are also engaged in such bad activities.”

He said he was shocked when it turned out that even government employees are involved in prostitution in the village. Rancholo further stated that used condoms are all over the place and children play with them thinking that they are balloons and that is a cause for concern as they may catch some disease.

“Currently we are discussing the situation with police the and other stakeholders to come up with measures on how we can arrest the problem,” he stated.

Rancholo said the trucks will be raided soon but did not want to reveal when the raid will be conducted. He indicated that there are a number of cases that have been reported to his kgotla that involve spouses who fought after they were spotted by their partners engaging in prostitution activities. Assistant District HIV/Aids Committee Multi Sectoral Committee (DAMSC) coordinator at Tutume sub District Monica Nfila said three years ago DAMSC conducted a research on prostitution in Nata village. She said the problem is very worrying and her office has done some work to remedy the problem as well as other Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who are also doing their best to fight prostitution.

Village Development Committee deputy chairman Okganetse Ganebe of Nata said he was aware of the problem. He appealed to those who are engaged in such activities to desist from it as it will ruin their lives. When contacted for comment the acting station commander of Nata police station assistant superintendent Lawrence Moloi said he was still new in his post and needed to get facts right.


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