Tuesday, May 21, 2024

ProVerb’s sensational night at Chez Nicolas┬á

Legendary and accomplished South-African rapper ProVerb performed at Chez Nicholas (i-Towers, CBD) last week (June 7th) as part of his celebrations for the 13th anniversary of his album ‘The Book of ProVerb’. The explosive concert featured local artists Scar, Fosta Juliano and Ban T. 

The night was filled with riveting performances that fused together different styles of Hip Hop, and created an atmosphere that felt nostalgic yet purely celebratory. Before the rappers took to the stage, Local DJ’s such as Izzy, Zeak and Phouboy went up to set the mood of the event. Their wide array of mixes included a diverse range of music: from international artists to music from the local artists who would also be performing that same night. After the DJ’s, the rappers took the stage. From Ban T, to Foster Juliano, to Scar, each enticed the crowd and performed their major hits as a thrilling and fit opening to the star of the night, ProVerb.

“It means so much to be performing with ProVerb tonight because I’ve been listening to him since I was a kid,” said Ban T. “He’s been in the game for so long, and to be able to perform with someone with so much experience is super amazing.” 

Even though their style of rap varies, Ban T also went on to comment on how ProVerb has inspired him. 

“One of the things that I’m inspired by is his diverse career. He has such a wide skill set beyond just rapping. One day, I’d also love to branch out into other feats in my career- like shooting music videos and acting.” 

ProVerb, himself, also shared his respect for Botswana and its hip-hop culture, and why he chose to come here to celebrate the 13th anniversary of his album. “I love the fact that the Botswana hip-hop culture is its own and doesn’t sound like a replica of anything else. It has a unique sound. There’s a particular flavor where you can hear and listen from a mile away, and know that what you’re hearing is from Botswana. So, you know, I’m a big fan, a big supporter and big friend of the culture here.” 

He also expressed his pride over the progress of rap and hip-hop, in not just Botswana and South Africa, but in the entire African continent. 

“Our hip-hop runs the world now. Our artists are breaking and shattering the borders, doing collaborations overseas and across the continent. That’s very indicative of the success and the wave that we’re on right now and I always enjoy watching it because, 13 years ago it was all just a dream, and it was far fetched. It was a concept that didn’t exist. And to see it all- these guys have surpassed the expectations that we thought and were hoping for. I don’t want to single any rapper out, but the general progression of the culture has been incredible and I love being a witness to it.”

After the local rappers finished their performances, ProVerb took to the stage in a venue that had become packed with eager and expectant fans. He began with an accapella introduction, which effortlessly lead into an arrangement of songs from ‘The Book of ProVerb’. The lounge roared with enthusiasm to all of their favorite hits. ProVerb sealed the event off with a sublime and soulful conclusion.


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